What would you do

Mark Webster

Dec 24, 2005
I found that one of the most haunting things, about both the original and modern version of Poseidon, is the thought of what I would have done in such a situation. Obviously in the films the passangers are given the option to stay with the purser/captain and follow there advice or follow the reverend, who knows nothing about the ship, into the hull. Ive always thought I would probably have followed the reverend, but then theres the dangers of flash fires, bulkheads to keep out water etc, which would probably kill you if you left the room instantly. but then the ones in the dining room all still perish.
What would you do if you were in that situation? I know that in the event of a situation like this in real life it would depend on many factors including wether you or your family were injured etc. But going by the film, would you have followed the advice of the purser or the reverend. Im intrested on views in this as I know there are people in Titanica who have worked on ships themselves.