What would you have done?

Tim Gerard

Feb 26, 2019
I'd try to become friends with Thomas Andrews, learning about his story is a large part of why I studied Naval Architecture myself.
May 20, 2017
I would not want to be in the ship at all as I could not live with the memory’s that would have been generated by that night
If I was however, I would Tell Smith to Investigate the damage fully before moving the ship.
tell officers to load all boats and ignore the lights of a near by ship who was not responding
And then I would try for lifeboat 14 - my ‘favourite’ lifeboat!

Stephen Carey

Apr 25, 2016
I'd be one of the engineers, preferably the Chief Engineer as I have the ticket, though not a steam reciprocating one! I'd suggest to the Master and Andrews that we could try slow steaming astern to try and close the gap with the ship we could see on the horizon? That might limit the intake of water at the bows to give a bit longer time before she foundered, but may be just enough to contact them, even if they couldn't get there in time they may have saved a few more.
I say this with no benefit of hindsight like telling Lightoller the ship was going to sink and to fill all the boats when i didn't even know that myself until some time later.
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Dec 20, 2019
I guess it would depend on my social status. I probably would have been someone emigrating, for one reason or another, and only able to purchase a third class ticket. Or, if a crew member, perhaps a trimmer shifting coal in one of the starboard bunkers. Either way I would have been unlikely to survive.


Nov 29, 2020
This is what I would do if I was in these conditions,
1. First Class
2. Unable to find a lifeboat
3. 20 years of age
4. Traveling alone

Once I woke up after the ship stopped I would find the highest ranked person I could find and ask them about the situation. Once they told me the ship was going to sink I would get valuables and my lifebelt and head upstairs to the boat deck. I would go to the right side of the ship because I am right handed. That is the side men are not allowed on because of Lightoller. Chances are as the ship sank deeper into the water I would follow the crowd to were the lifeboats were being lowered but I would never get on because Lightoller does not allow anybody on. I would keep doing that for a while until all the boats were gone and I would help with Collapsible A (Because I was on the starboard side). I would then think Collapsible A is no use and wait a little bit just in case. But then I would start running aft. But because I was so near the water I would be washed overboard by the wave coming up to the base the 2nd funnel. Chances are since the first funnel had not fallen yet, I would swim to one of the visible collapsible and if I was in B, I would lay down and balance and if I was in a, hope I have enough body fat to keep warm


Jun 23, 2017
A very open ended question that one, though interesting. Do we get to choose who we are on board based on this hypothetical?

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