What's the cherub's name


Rob McGough

I am looking for the name of the cherub
at the base of the main staircase.
Victorians had statues that were
representative of something, IE
the Honor and Glory crowning Time
I am really sure that the cherub has similar meaning,most likely in ancient Greece.
The reason I am sure of this is I have an
old lamp of a cherub in the exact same pose.
Any help would be appreciated
Rob McGough
Jan 28, 2003
Moved to Tech/Construc/Design folder, sub-folder Design General / thread - Grand Staircases and Fittings. You'll find quite a bit of discussion about the cherub in there, though I don't think anyone knows its name. Apart from Eros, who is Roman, I'm not aware of cherubs having been given names.

Rob McGough

Hi, I thought maybe I could shake some ideas loose by describing the old lamp that I have. Made of plaster over a metal frame it about 30 inches from the bottom of the base to the top of
fixture mount, the cherub itself is about 21
inches, head to toe. The lamp is painted white now, but looks like it was a dark green with gold trim, Not an exact copy of any W. S.
cherub, it is in the same exact pose, holding up the light, while standing on a little crest of water and flowers. Also in what I think is a real ID marker, there is a bracelet with a coin half up the bicep of the left arm. This is both
on the lamp and some pix of the W.S. cherub.
I have no idea what type of light fixture
was first one it, my antique guy thinks it was
So there you have it, I have a lamp from the same
era,of a nameless cherub, about the same size, same pose, and yet has nothing to do with the
White Star Line. Any ideas ?
Rob McGough

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