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Mel T.

Would YOU have liked to have been a passenger on board the Titanic, not knowing that it would sink of course? If so, what class would you have liked to been part of?
And...let's say that for some reason you were indeed going to be a passenger, but one of you're family members told you not to go because they had a bad feeling about it, would you still have gone?
Can't wait to hear from you!!!

Kristy Asao

Hello Mr. T,

EXCELLANT idea asking for opinions!

(Not knowing it was gonna sink... )Yes, *I* would have LOVED(maybe I was) to be on the Titanic!
I would have liked to have been on First-class, of course!
Yes, I would still I gone... even if a family member warned me not to.

Have a nice day!


Sincerely Kristy!


Hello Mel,

I would have loved to have been a passenger on the Titanic. I am middle class in real life so...I probably would have been a second-class passenger. I wolud have liked being in that class. Me being a sixteen year old male in second class...I would have had like a 50 percent chance of survival....because I do not look as young as I am. No matter what my family would have said...I still would have travelled on the "Unsinkable" ship. Good question, Mel.



I would have loved to travel on the Titanic(not knowing about the sinking of course). First class would have been great, but I think I would have been a second class person. I think I would have been saved because I would have gotten in line for a lifeboat right away. The thing I think about is that if the man I love couldn't get on, I would not get on either. I couldn't leave him behind to die.
Interesting question for sure!


Dec 12, 1998
Dear Karen,

I agree with you I could Have never left behind the man I love, But I would have enjoyed being In first class, I love all those beautiful gowns and all the fabulous jewels. I would definitely want to be on Titanic, whether it sank or not. I love the Edwardian Era.

Love Beth


Hey Mel,
I would have loved to be on Titanic in 1st class, because I am fasinated with Edwardian Era, how they lived and acted and dressed. Also in first class I would have almost full access to many parts on the Titanic, to explore the ship like the elegant Greand Staircase and such. I would have gone on it no matter what anyone said it was "the grandest ship in the world". Most people in that era thought how can a ship sink with the technology now even Captain Smith.


Melody-Mel T.

Thank you so much to everyone who added their opinions, it really meant a lot to me. It's great to know that I'm not the only one that loves Titanic:0) Oh, Kristy, and everyone else who might not know, I'm a female teenager. I as many of you would have loved to have been on the Titanic. Just to see how wonderful the "ship of dreams" really was. Some part of me would have loved to have been in 1st class, but I think that as I realate to my life of today, I'm not rich, so I presume, 2nd class would do like Mark.:) Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my question being a good one!!! You're the best!
Jul 5, 2000
That is an interesting question. I would have loved to journey on such a splendid ship. Although first-class would probably be my first choice of accomodations, it would have been interesting to see what it was like in second and third classes. Despite warnings from my family, I probably would have gone anyway. You know how it is; rarely do such tragedies as plane crashes and ship wrecks occur. In fact, most people die in their sleep. Is that going to keep me from going to bed? Of course not.

Hope my input helps

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