When and where died these crew members on the Titanic

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
I wonder if anybody know when and where these survivors died:
Mabel Bennett age in 1912 30, stewardess
Walter Binstead age in 1912 19, trimmer
Percival Albert Blake (22 in 1912) trimmer
Ruth Bowker ((27 in 1912), first cashier
Arthur John Bright (41 in 1912), quartermaster
Edward Brown (34 in 1912), saloon steward
William Burke (31 in 1912) second saloon steward
Alfred Burrage (20 in 1912) plate steward
Annie Caton (30 in 1912) turkish bath stewardess
George Henry Cawell who I have asked about before
Joseph Charles Chapman (32 in 1912) boots steward
William Clark (39 in 1912) fireman
G Frederick Clench (34 in 1912) able seaman
John Coffy (27 in 1912) deserted fireman
E. Joseph Colgan (33 in 1912) scullion
Samuel J Collins (35 in 1912) fireman
George Combes (34 in 1912) fireman
Robert Couper (30 in 1912 fireman
Frederick Crafter (27 in 1912) saloon steward

There are others, but this will have to be enough for the moment.
Certainly many of these may have lived an interesting life after the Titanic. The key to more information generally about them as well is often to know when (year,month, date) they died, and where. I do not think there is written much about any of these before.

Mark Eric Clench

Hello Arne. My name is Mark Clench, and i thought i would let you know this. In your list, you asked about G Frederick Clench. There were two Clench's on board who were brothers, and able bodied seamen. One was Frederick Clench and the other George Clench. Frederick survived, but George was lost in the sinking. His body never found apparantly. Kind regards, Mark Clench. (Australia).

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