When Passenger Lists Collide

Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
Jim had me thinking when he started the thread of the Lusitania passenger list with several Titanic passengers and a Lusitania survivor. How many other times did survivors from various disasters travel, unknowingly, on the same ship.
Here are a few examples
Aquitania- Dorothy Brulatour and Pauline Gibson sailed with Lusitania survivor Robert Timmis.
Aquitania- Dorothy Harder sailed with Lusy survivor Robert Timmis. (I guess Timmis had a thing for Titanic survivors named Dorothy)
Lusitania- Billy Carter sailed with 3 Lusy victims- Carlton Thayer Brodrick, Lathrop Withington, and Eugene Posen.
The St. Paul would be filled with Lusitania survivors; James Leary, Charles Sturdy, Herbert Colebrook, Doris and Joseph Charles, Percy Rogers, Ogden Hammond and Virginia Loney (accidentally listed as Virginia Sedgwick). Also aboard were two Titanic survivors, Robert and Eloise Daniel.

Anyone else know of any?