When the ship broke in two, did the Bow have any unflooded rooms?

Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
In most Simulations, it shows her breaking in two before the Lounge is flooded. Were that hadn't flooded before the break up happened? Are the simulations correct?

Chung Rex

Dec 25, 2006
As I know, few watertight rooms existed at the bow. Some of the rooms should be un-flooded before the breakup because the flooding water line is always lower than waterline outside Titanic. Furthermore, the dryness of rooms before breakup was more likely a transient phenomena, when water was still finding their ways downwards (into another watertight compartment). The speed of water flowing downward may lag behind the speed of the sinking speed.

When the breakup occurred, it was expected that some rapid and chaotic flooding from the breaking point happened at the rear part of bow section, but the rapidness / chaos should be less severe than that of stern session submerged after 2.20.
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