Where and when was Titanic's next voyage if she didn't sink

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I didn't know where else to post my question, or if its already been addressed. I couldnt find any other posts on this subject. Please forgive me if the information is already out there somewhere.

Where was the Titanic scheduled to go after the maiden voyage? Who was to be aboard? Was the captian retiring after the maiden voyage? If so, who was the new captain assigned? Where the fares lower for subsequent voyages? How many voyages were booked/scheduled for this glorious ship?
I am really curious about this information. If this query is not in the correct board, I am hoping that a mod will move it to the appropriate board for maximum views.
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The Titanic Historical Society used to sell a reprint of the 1912 White Star sailing schedule with dates of the voyages of the Titanic and Olympic, fares, etc. I don't know if it is still available at www.titanic1.org. Both Titanic and Olympic were on the transatlantic run between Southampton and New York, with stops in France and Ireland. Robert H. Gibbons

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I don't think the manifest for the maiden eastbound voyage would have been drawn up, as they hadn't arrived in New York yet. To my knowledge, there is no record of it.
Don't know if this would help. I posted something I found re passengers some time ago. To see it, go to Passenger Research, then General Passenger Research, then Titanic Passenger List. See my post #333....I think it is at the top.

It is something I stumbled upon in my genealogical search for passenger manifests.

Jason D. Tiller

My mistake, for some reason I was thinking of the cargo manifest. The passenger list may very well have been drawn up by then, but then again I'm only speculating. Since there is no record of it (at least that we know of), we'll never know for sure.
The passenger list in all probability was tossed in the trash can. With the Titanic on the bottom, about the only real use anybody would have had for it would be as a quick and dirty reference of which passengers needed to be contacted and rebooked on other ships.

Keep in mind that passenger lists are legal documents as much for the use of customs and immigration authorities as well as a reference of who was aboard in case of an accident. There was no reason to retain a list for a voyage that would never happen.
If it were today...Titanic would have sailed empty from New York with clearance only to the H&W yard in Belfast for repairs. That warped bulkhead from the bunker fire is a "no sail" issue. You would not be allowed to carry passengers for hire with a fire-warped watertight bulkhead. Today, the ship would not be allowed to load passengers and might not carry any crew beyond the seamen necessary to operate the ship. But, it was 1912 and J.P. Morgan had money and friends...

-- David G. Brown
BTW, Dave, conventional wisdom has it that the fire was successfully kept a secret from the passengers. Simply not true. Quite a few heard about it through the ship's grapevine and several later talked about it to the press. Mrs. Thomas Brown and daughter Edith, for starters.

I'm trying to verify an old family story. My grandmother supposedly missed the Titanic. She had traveled back to her home in England, March 27, 1912. She traveled as a 2nd class passenger on the "Campania" to Liverpool. The Captian was R.C.Warr (based on the photo copy I have of the boarding pass. On the ticket she is listed as Mrs. Annie Bradley. She was returning to Cheshire County to visit her family. Her father owned the White Lion Inn (King Family Inn) in Chesshire (I think that was in Crewe). Her maiden name would have been Sarah Ann King. She was born in Haslington, England in 1881. (She left England June 4th 1910 on the Carpania to start her new life). It is believed that her family had purchased her return ticket for the visit and being newly married and pregnant she would have returned on the Titanic a few weeks later. We were told she missed the ship after purchasing the ticket. Being afraid to sail after the Titanic sinking she did not return to her husband until July. She boarded the "Lusitania" July 6th 1912 at Liverpool. The Captian listed on the boarding pass is
J.T.W.Charles. I have addresses for her relatives in England, but none have returned mail inquiries. Do you have any suggestions has to how I can solve this mystery?
>>Do you have any suggestions has to how I can solve this mystery?<<

If somebody has the actual ticket somewhere, that would nail it one way or another. Short of that, don't bet the farm on it. White Star had little reason to retain the records for a voyage which never happened. If they did, the contract ticket list probably ended up in the landfill when their old offices were cleared out for the last time.
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