Where can I buy the 1998 RMSTI Titanic wreck mosaic poster

Jan 7, 2002
A year or so ago I purchased one of the 1998 RMSTI Titanic wreck mosaic posters from some online site that sells all kinds of Titanic wares- i can't remember that website. I accidently tore my poster, and am hoping to find a replacement- Anyone know where I might buy another 1998 RMSTI Titanic wreck mosaic poster?


Tarn Stephanos
Jul 12, 2005
The only place I have seen the photomosaic poster for sale is at the artifact exhibition at the St. Louis Science Center, which has been held over for a couple of more days. Email them at [email protected]

The exhibits in Las Vegas and on the Queen Mary probably have gift shops, but I bought mine in St. Louis. Robert H. Gibbons

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