Where Did Lovejoy Go

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"I do not recall that the scene was cut due to test audiences (I don't even recall there *where* test audiences), just that it was one of several scenes cut by Cameron to make the movie shorter"

What Cameron really needs to do is take some advice from the pages of Peter Jackson and his LOTR trilogy...make the thing as long as possible and keep releasing "extended" versions for DVD sales.
There's a bit of the cut Jack and Lovejoy fight scene in the theatrical trailer on the DVD, where it shows Jack punching Lovejoy. Maybe they'll put the whole scene on the Special Edition DVD, if it's ever released.There's also some pictures of these deleted scenes in James Cameron's illustrated Titanic screenplay book.

You have a misquote. Just thought I'd point that out to you: "Maintain speed and heading with the lights on." Why would the captain of the Titanic say this? "With the lights on" should actually be "Mr. Lightoller," as he left Lightoller on the bridge at that point. Just thought I'd point out the mistake, ;) hehe.

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Alex McLean

I noticed the same misquote. It isn't that easy to pick up in the film though as it's not all that clear. For a while I thought it was "Maintain speed and head in with the lights off."
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"If I'm not mistaken, it worked the other way around with Lovejoy getting his butt royally kicked by the "Little Snot.""

Meh, whatever and however. They both died in the end...yippie, have fun storming the castle, etc.

Paul Lee

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If you read "Titanic and the making of James Cameron, there is a discussion of the lost Jack vs.Lovejoy fight scene.



I've always said that if Cameron ever wanted to do a sequel all he has to do is eliminate Lovejoy's death scene and recut the scene of David Warner as Beesley in "SOS Titanic" in a lifeboat looking up as it approaches the Carpathia and you've got "Spicer Strikes Back" already in place.
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That brings up another question: We know that Ruth, Rose's mother, survived, but what ever became of her? They never mentioned that, unless I missed it. Cal got married and inherited his millions then put a pistol in his mouth when the crash of '29 hit his assets hard. Ruth just disappeared. Is this information mentioned in the script? Does anyone know?

By the way, I saw the clip of the fight in the trailer on my DVD. Jack hit Lovejoy so hard and fast that no matter where I paused it on the clip, it was a blur. Is this scene available anywhere? I'm very curious to see it. I'm wondering if Cameron is planning to release a "Special Edition" of "Titanic" with the deleted scenes included, Hmmm.

One more thing: Is the script available for purchase and/or download? I'd like to have it.

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Hi Mark,
I haven't seen a downloadable version, but the James Cameron illustrated Titanic screenplay I mentioned earlier is available for purchase from Amazon.com. If you want to see it here's the link: Titanic:James's Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay.
It really is a good book, especially the other deleted scenes and photos of those scenes it has. Includes the entire shooting script. Hope that helps.
Thanks, Desiree. It looks interesting. I would like to order that.

A different, weirder ending, eh? Hmmmmm. That gets me curious. And Fabrizio's death was different, too. The scene I would most like to see, though, is the Jack-Lovejoy fight. After seeing a clip of that in action, it seems like a must-see.

Thanks again.

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