Where Did Lovejoy Go

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Nope, that would no doubt be unnecessary. You can hear him quite clearly say 'Lightoller.' Honest mistake, though.

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Yea whatever happened to Rose's mother? she doesnt say in the film?
Also, how did Rose escape being seen by her mother once in new york? did she never see her again, very strange.
Errr, I don't think that's what Gary meant, Scot, hehe. I asked the same question, too, someplace on this forum: What ever became of Ruth after the sinking? They never said. I thought it would be interesting to know.

As for whether or not Rose and Ruth ever saw each other afterward, who knows. I thought that that might have been reserved as part of a plot for Titanic II; I heard that Cameron was planning on having Rose being a volunteer nurse aboard the Britannic, where she encounters Jack again. Apparently, he turned out to be a wounded soldier being transported on the ship. Quite possibly, Rose and Ruth both volunteer as nurses together...Of course, I have a problem with the Jack component, since Old Rose seem to imply at the end of Titanic when she said that she never had a picture of him that she never saw him again. I can't buy the possibility that if she saw him on the Britannic she wouldn't have gotten a picture of him. On the other hand, maybe she did and it went down with the ship. Still, after seeing the 'Boy Wonder' sink after Rose unclamped his hands, I wouldn't be able to buy any possible way for him to have survived to go off to war. The tone of her voice when saying "he exists now only in my memory" seemed to suggest that the Titanic was the last time she had seen him.

By the way, to anyone who wants to 'correct' me by saying that this storyline is unlikely for a Titanic II, keep in mind that this is only what I've heard. I am merely sharing it with others. Thanks.

Damon Hill

I've wondered once or twice about what became of Ruth...then I thought maybe she inadvertently foretells her own future in the scene when she tells Rose that she should marry Cal or they would have to sell all their fine thigs and she would end up working as a seamstress! Who knows. One thing I did think odd was this, If Rose became a well known actress then surely her mother would have seen pictures of her in the media and have realized she didnt die, or maybe Ruth died before Rose became an actress...who knows?!
According to Bodine's 'research' of the strange woman who claimed to be Rose, so that was established early-on in the movie, even before Old Rose made it to the Keldesh.

Also, Brock and the others tried to test Old Rose to see if she is the real Rose. All they had to do was look her bounty of pictures that she brought with her. If Rose had been among the wealthy at the time of the sinking, no doubt there would have been a picture available for researchers like Lovett and Bodine to have seen to substantiate when looking at Old Rose's pictures. ;)

Just a thought...
One thought, though: In the early 20th Century, acting was not considered an honorable profession, so I doubt either Ruth or Cal would have seen Rose on stage.

Also, I thought that Bodine mentioned Old Rose's theater work being in the 20s, though I am not certain about the date.

Nothing was ever said about Ruth, so we can presume that as the Carpathia docked, she never saw Rose get off the ship. Cal, we hear, killed himself shortly after the 1929 Stock Market crash.
Ruth, we can assume, might have become a seamstress, or some other occupation. From there, she might have remarried, and resigned herself to a new life, out of 1st Class.
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