Where did the butlers and maids eat?



Hey everyone.
I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section or if there has been a topic on this before, but I have a question, that really needed to be answered:

Where did the personal butlers and maids of the passengers eat?

Thank you so much.

Bob Godfrey

They dined in the maids and valets saloon on C deck. More difficult to answer is what they ate, as I'm not aware of any surviving menus or recollections. Their meals came from the 1st and 2nd Class kitchen area directly below, and I think it most likely that they were provided with selections based on the 2nd Class menus. Although they were travelling on 1st Class tickets, their fare was much reduced because they did not enjoy the full rights of 1st Class passengers.

John Paul Galvez

Where do maids and valets eat? I think maids and valets didn't eat inside the first-class dining saloon. Would they eat inside the first-class dining saloon after their "Ma'am" and "Monsieur" finished eating? Or would they eat with their "Ma'am" and "Monsieur"?

monica e. hall

Go to the Life on Board file on the Message Board Menu, John, and then to the Personal Servants thread, and you'll find some interesting views. Both Life on Board and The Gilded Age offer insights into this issue.

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