Where is the Lusitania


Jared J Lane

I know about where she is but I can't find the exact coordinates for where the Lusitania went down or her final resting place. I was wondering if anyone could tell me. I would appreciate any help.
Sep 22, 2003
Coatesville, PA
51* 24.727 North, 8* 32.866 West is the Position on the Wreck. Excuse the Stars, I couldn't find the little symbol on me keyboard. It also Happens to be 11.5 Miles from Brow Head and 11.75 Miles from Kinsale.


Gary Gentile, The Lusitania Controversies, Pg 301 Vol 2 (2 Vols). A great History of the Wreck and Good Autobiography

Diana Preston, Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy, Pg 376. Good Book.

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