Where on Titanic were the menus printedor were they all printed before the voyage

And that press turned out a lot more than just menus. There was enough work to keep a professional printer and his assistant fully occupied. That's why many of the printed lists and other documents associated with the voyage had no counterparts ashore and, apart from a few copies brought back by survivors or found among the effects of recovered bodies, were lost with the ship.
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There was a thread about this many years ago and if I recall correctly it was said the print shop was on E Deck and employed two printers. I believe they produced the menus, wine lists, abstracts, passenger lists and the like.
I have a lovely Log Abstract from the Mauretania under Captain Turner and on the front in ink is a written message stating something to the effect that "This is an example of what my friend Mr. (I can't recall his name) prints aboard Mauretania in addition to menus and the like." I was very happy to obtain it - not something you see everyday.
I read your post about the Titanic olives - I have a dried fig from a luncheon aboard the Mauretania. I admit I have wondered what the fig would taste like now! I believe the (very) dried tropical fruit, which is listed on the menu it was preserved in, is among the most ephemeral of items I own along with dried flowers and fern. It came from a very complete scrapbook from one of her very last cruises. Because the fig was immediately placed in the double weight deckled edge menu it is in remarkable condition. It might sound a little crazy but it thrills me to have this particular item. Sort of a poor mans version of the Titanic biscuit.

actually it was this thread.

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So, was it E or D deck?

I now withdraw from this discussion and leave the answering of that question to others who presumably know more than the nothing that I know about this.


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