Where was Cora drowned

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Chung Rex

Dec 25, 2006
According to a deleted scene, Cora was trapped behind a gate with his parents. However, I could not figure out where the gate was even if I read the plan.

Third class area, being intact by 2.15, was near the stern. The 3rd class dining room on F deck was flooded well before 2.15.


Any good suggestions or guesses?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Any good suggestions or guesses?<<

Honestly...don't kill yourself looking for it as on the real ship, it likely didn't even exist. There are two of the notorious Bostwick type gates which are shown on the NARA plans, one up forward in the third class area, and another by a stairway in the vegetable prep area. The first was flooded out very early on and is of no relevance. The second wasn't even in a passenger area.

Even accounting for the possibility that there were gates not accounted for on the plans, there were a number of interior details which weren't accurate such as the location of the Master-At-Arms shack. In the movie, it's shown on the portside and has a window looking out to the sea.

On the real Titanic, it was on the centerline of E-deck up forward and immidiately aft of the 3rd class accomadation.
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