Where was the tarpaulin?

Thomas C.

Sep 6, 2017
I have quick question about tarpaulin. Some time after collision people saw raising tarpaulin in hatch 1.
On what deck this tarpaulin was? On G or F deck?
Mar 18, 2008
G Deck.

This is from the testimony of Symons.

The Attorney-General:
I will tell your Lordship why I thought so. If you look at the plan I should have taken it from the section to be between F and G decks, because, according to the plan, that is the first indication of coamings.

Mr. Laing:
That is so.

The Commissioner:
Very well; that is right, probably.

The Attorney-General:
There is something like a coaming if you look at C, and then the next one is G.

11396. (The Commissioner - To the witness.) Will you come round here?
- (The witness explained the plan to the Commissioner.)

The Commissioner:
He tells me, looking at this plan, he thinks that the water he saw was by the coaming on G deck.

The Attorney-General:
Yes; I thought that is what he must mean.

11398. (The Attorney-General - To the witness.) You saw this water below the coamings? Is that below the coamings on which there are hatchway covers?
- Below the coamings is where the hatches come on, and also the cover.

11399. That makes it quite plain that it is G deck. As I understand you, you did not have much time to look at it?
- No, I had just time to see the water come in when the order came, "All hands on the boat deck."
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