Where were the husbandsfathers of collapsible c

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Colin John James

I am still puzzled by this.

Mr Ismay says before entering the lifeboat he vainly sought more passengers to be rescued. as the boat was about to lower away he rightly did board thus sensibly reducing the death toll by one.

Among others on board were Mrs Balcini and the 3 misses Balcini, Mrs Goldsmith and young Frankie and Mrs Moubarek and the masters Moubarek.

Where were the husbands/fathers of these people and other occupants. I know i would have been there watching my family reach the water safely wishing the **** i was sitting there beside them.

Shane Worthy

Aug 12, 2004
I'll take a deep breath...
Abrahim was by herself
Assaf was by herself
The Balcini's had no males in their party
George/Joseph was by herself
Mr. Frank Goldsmith was probably watching his family's departure, as in I have never heard he wasn't
Moubarek's husband was not with her
Mousselmani was by herself
Therefore, the only husband who would have been watching the boat being lowered would be Mr. Frank Goldsmith, which I am sure he was doing.
I hope this helps!
All Ahead Full!
Jul 20, 2000
Hello Paul,

I believe that the Goldsmiths were in boat C because Frankie spoke of the Chinamen in his boat and the need to push the boat away from the side of the Titanic. - Both of those informations point to Boat C.
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