Which do you think was the best Titanic movie


Catherine Marie Curran

I've only ever seen 2 - A Night to Remember and Titanic. Both of them were great but I prefer Titanic.
Both of these flicks have their strengths and weaknesses. ANTR was more faithful to the history IMO, while Titanic...specifically Cameron's Titanic...was superbly done for special effects and recreating the ship. Not perfect mind you, but a worthy effort. Weak on history though, but that's Hollywood.

Michael H. Standart
Both NTR and Titanic largely succeed in being factually accurate, while managing to be intellectually and emotionally satisfying at the same time. How many movies achieve this ? In my opinion both are profoundly moving in their own way.

Who can forget the long dead victims welcoming Rose on the staircase at the close of Titanic. Does anyone recall that sequence in NTR when an old waiter fights to shield a baby as panic sets in when the stern swings up, 'Mind this child'...
I liked the 1997 Titanic movie because of the accuracy of the interior/exterior sets. If you took a period photos and compared it to Cameron's sets it looks like it exactly. It is like being on the real ship. Cameron wanted to create also "A you kind of their experience" and also keep the modern audience enthralled by the tension with his fictional characters. The characters also gave you lead ups with the real history. For example Rose asking Mr Andrews about the lifeboats etc. The characters let Cameron give a tour of the ship and give insight about the real people who sailed on her. A NTR's sets are not accurate compared to Cameron's film. I am a perfectionist on the ship and it always distracts me sometimes that people don't make the set look like the real ship. The ANTR's models look like models, lacking with drama and with little wind-up lifeboats.The scene of the ship sinking shows no activity of life aboard.Some of the people in ANTR don't even look like the real people for example J.Bruce Ismay.The good point about ANTR though,it gives the viewer all the facts out in a chronology order, as Michael said it was more faithful to history. I like Cameron's film also because everything is in color giving a indication of how opulent the Titanic was. When film's are in black and white it lose's it's realism as for ANTR. A Night to Remember was good but the 1997 Titanic movie certainly tops the levels of realism and a faithful recreation of the RMS Titanic.

Regards Nigel Bryant
i like the 1997 movie titanic because a lot of people did a lot of things to make it as accurate as possible for example the director sent the actors to a boot camp on etiquitte of the titanic and the director made the size of his ship as close as possible as the size of the real titanic and now i i have a few things to say about the movie i think it was wonderful and that leo deserved an oscar nomination for his role in the movie and i think that cal(billy zane)should have treated rose (kate winslet a whole lot better than he did and i think cal should have died instead of jack (leonardo dicaprio) and i am glad that jasck treated rose like a gentelman and i wonder how would cal treat rose if he had found her after the sinking jennifer mueller

Minna Tiihonen

A Night To Remember is the best, and then one movie strarring Catherine Zeta-Jones for example... it came times ago from TV and I missed the name, is it just "Titanic" ? When has it been released? However, it was quite good. Then I've seen the James Cameron version, of course, and SOS Titanic.

A Night to Remember was filmed for a 50's audience with 50's technology, while Cameron's Titanic was filmed for a 90's audience using 90's technology, so I don't think a fair comparison can be really made. Personally I think they're equal, but maybe Titanic has the slight 'upper hand'. One thing I've noticed, is that people are always complaining that Cameron's film is overlit, but just take a lool at ANTR! Seriously, when the ships lights go out, it's like it's suddenly become day! Of course we can't complain, because like I said, they're almost equal!
Ciaran Johnson
Sorry to post so late on this thread, but I must agree with Ciaran. However, I do prefer ANTR simply for it's historical accuracy. True, Rose accenting the Grand Staircase with all the long dead victims applauding was nice, but remember, Rose didn't exist! Neither did that whole scene! The man saying "Mind this child!" in ANTR was real (can't remember who just at the moment) and that did happen.
I know exactly what you mean by being distracted by set inaccuracies, but we must keep in mind that ANTR was made in the 50's. They modeled the sets after the Olympic (was the GSC white in her later years?). Also, a lot of the sets were taken from 1912 advertisements. For instance, notice the stained glass in the Dining Room french doors in ANTR. They appear VERY similar to artist renderings of Olympic. Cameron only got the french doors right because he saw them on the wreck. I think that ANTR's sets were remarkably accurate for 1958.

Jason Smith

The special effects in 'Titanic' were fantastic, but nothing beats the British 'A Night To Remember' made in 1958! Overall, this is the superior film.

Just goes to show that just 'cos you chuck $200,000,000 at a subject, it doesn't necessarily produce a better film. I wonder what the makers of 'Pearl Harbour' must be thinking...
was the GSC white in her later years?.

It was painted white with gilt carving details in 1933 to make her look more trendy, if you see modern photos of 'Hoonour & Glory' they'll show this.
for what it's worth, heres my half-penn'th, favourite Titanic movie has got to be "a night to remember", thats not to say i wasn't impressed with James Camerons, it is for one of the simplest reasons, the fact that it was in black and white offered atmosphere and relevance that no end of (absolutely superb) special effects can't match!

Stacie Crowther

I love Titanic because the effects were exemplary and mny true characters were used. A Night To remember is a fine display too but with the color film of Cameron's I could see what everything actually looked like. I wouldn't know the ship had a yellow stripe along its flanks if the film was in black and white. It may sound trivial but I like to picture things closer to their exact being.
I love Titanic because the effects were exemplary and mny true characters were used. A Night To remember is a fine display too but with the color film of Cameron's I could see what everything actually looked like. I wouldn't know the ship had a yellow stripe along its flanks if the film was in black and white. It may sound trivial but I like to picture things closer to their exact being.

Hey Stacie, I haven't heard from you in awhile, hope all is well, send me some mail some time, I have found that for sheer accuracyu, nothing beats ATNR but for the sheer drama of the sinking ONLY, I choose Titanic('97), you can have the love story concept, I believe that is what killed the movie 'Pearl Harbor' and that is most likely why I haven't seen it yet, don't feel like wasting $9.00 to go see a love story for an hour and a half before the japs attack for all of a few minutes from what I have heard...the actual attack last over two hours........ANYWAY, that is for another thread.

frances Nash

I totally agree with those who say that the last hour of Cameron's film is gripping (I usually ff the first part!) but find it almost touching the way he pays his respects to ANTR, falling plates, lost child, complaining 1st class women, which reminds us of the accuracy of ANTR based as it was on survivor interviews and advice (you would not want to argue with Boxall 40 odd years after the event)
Incidently, the brief cameo that has me reaching for the hanky is the Irish mother telling her children their last story, obviously aware of what was happening. This together with the waiter & child on the deck of ANTR reminds us that both versions, special effects and flawed storylines aside were about 2000 individual exeriences of ANTR that we can only try to recreate through film and book today as we were not there!

Stacie Crowther

The titanic film starring George C Scott and Katherine Zeta Jones was all to strange for me.The rape scene was completely offensive and disturbing. It filled me with rage. However, I did enjoy much of it. It was interesting seeing it from the Allison family's point of view.

I also didn't feel that the exactness of the ship was seen here as displayed in Cameron's Titanic. However, it wasn't a 40 million dollar film either.

Joanne Seiferlein

ANTR was definitely the best informationwise, and for all those who like to knock it's special effects, they were pretty good, considering when it was filmed-- just think what William MacQuitty could've done with $250,000,000!
For my money, when I want to watch a REAL Titanic Movie, its ANTR every time!
Especially $250,000,000 in 1957!

Which, thanks to the convertor supplied by Inger a few weeks back, works out to $1,586,657,738 today!