Which is your favourite lifeboat

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May 27, 2007
>>Probably right. I know I wouldn't challenge a bruiser like that without having Smith & Wesson as my bestest buds!<<

I hear that. Speaking of fire irons. Ever heard the legend of Mrs. Brown running Boat 6 with a Revolver. If there was Woman packing Iron that night it would be her. It's dangerous to be a Lady traveling alone. I'm sure Mr. Brown got her a nice little compact job. After all Mrs. Brown had lived in a frontier town. She had lived in Hannibal Mo. She knew how nasty folks could get. Although in truth she didn't need a gun or Able Seaman Diamond to get the job done. One or the either might of saved her time though.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Ever heard the legend of Mrs. Brown running Boat 6 with a Revolver.<<

Nope. Never ran into that one but I doubt that Mrs. Brown would have needed a piece. A midwestern American lady of that period was not somebody to be trifled with lightly. Hichens learned that the hard way.

Holly Peterson

My favorite lifeboats are the Collapsibles C and D, mainly because I wrote (or at least attempted to write) a story where the main character, an Irish immigrant girl, was saved in boat D.

I also really like boats 11 and 13; no idea why!

Ben Lemmon

Feb 6, 2008
I would have to say that my favorite lifeboats are boat #14 and Collapsible "D". I like boat #14 because that's the boat that dear old H.G. Lowe was in. It would have been interesting to see what it was like. Boat #14 is also one of the only ones to go back, and it has a good story behind it. I especially like the story of the Japanese person. I think that Lowe's perspective on these people changed slightly, at least until the Second World War (or perhaps that was simply American discrimination).

I like Collapsible "D" because I am using it for the story I am writing. It was the last boat to leave the ship (excluding "A" and "B", which floated off the Titanic). It is also the boat that my main character gets on. I know the "cutting-it-kind-of-close" ploy has been used before, but I can't recall a sequence where anyone has been saved by Collapsible "D". It also allows optimum time for the story to fully develop. It was also home to the "Titanic waifs" as they were called (Michel Marcel and Edmond Navratil). Also, command of "D" was ceded to Lowe when he took charge of it. Any boat with H.G. Lowe is pretty sweet. I think Inger might agree.

Lifeboat 10 isn't so bad either. Marshall Drew was on that boat, and he's one of the characters in my book (however he is under a pseudonym).

Aly Jones

Nov 22, 2008
My fav life boat is 16 well i think it's 16.Someone correct me if i'm wrong if you know i'm wrong!

Number 16 life boat cause Ruth Becker's mother and sibilings were off in another life rowing away from the ship,an officer picked her up and placed her in the life boat,apparently the officer was James moody my fav officer! 16 life boat for me.

Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
I don't think I would use the word 'favourite' but the lifeboat that interests me most by some distance is Collapsible A, which Wyn Craig Wade described as the "most imperilled lifeboat of the Titanic". Several people were involving in trying to get it free and somehow launch it, others slid or fell into it as it floated off half-flooded. It was also in the vicinity of Collapsible A that the alleged shooting incident took place (assuming that it did take place).

Thomas Ozel

May 17, 2012
My favourite is Lifeboat 4. They were the first lifeboat to go back and look for survivors after the sinking (they went back before No.14), and I think they also rescued more people from the water than any other lifeboat (if you exclude those rescued from collapsibles A and B).

Yourj Benig

Apr 27, 2012
Manila, Philippines
I HAD MANY FAVOURITE LIFEBOATS!!!!! Lifeboats 13, 15, 4, and also the COLLAPSIBLE Boat A. BUT THE TWO LIFEBOATS Caught my attention was LIFEBOAT 13 and Collapsible A. First, Lifeboat 13 it's because of how they were lowered into the water. She jammed on to the hull of the ship, get caught by an exhaust pump, and drifted away under 15. NO. 13 is a very superstitious number. It was believed that , that number was unlucky, but ALL OF THOSE WHAT HAPPENED proved one thing to be wrong, and the people aboard it no longer believe that 13 was unlucky. :D Second, Collapsible A - We didn't know what happened after the ship sank, after they were drifting away the sinking site. And also, I think that the Boat A was so Interesting because it tipped over when people were trying to get on it and it resulted to flood the boat up to their knees. Only half of the people onboard survived the icy night when they were rescued by the Boat 14.

Sep 10, 2012
Well, all in all, if I had been there, my favorite lifeboat would have been the one I got away in if I had been aboard, which seems to be the same way most people here think. But sitting cozily in my chair, if I had to make a choice, I'd say that Lifeboat 13 is the one I'm more fond of.

For one, it appears it was the most family friendly boat outside of 1st Class, as at least two married couples survived on it (Edward and Ethel Beane, and Albert and Sylvia Caldwell, who on top of that had their son Alden with them), and half of two other surviving couples survived on it (Washington Dodge got aboard it some time after having seen his wife and son off, and Anna De Messemaeker, who was later reunited with her husband, got aboard it, according to her biography on this site).

For another, perhaps because I'm a bit triskaidekaphobic, I can't help but to find it curious that Lifeboat 13 was luckier than some others, as it not only avoided the fate of being squashed under Lifeboat 15, but it carried those aboard more comfortably than some other boats did, and landed them all safely on the Carpathia.

Had I been aboard it, I certainly would have found it the best friend I ever had, like Frederick Barrett did (at least, I think it was he who said that, according to Lawrence Beesley's book).

I'd have to say I'm also fond of Lifeboat 15, though, as according to recent research, it was the only standard lifeboat leaving the ship fully loaded (or overloaded) and so was the one that fulfilled its purpose better (although Lifeboat 12 did end up more heavily loaded after it was already in the water).

Well, this is it. I hope it's not a too lengthy post.

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