Which launched first 11 or 13

Oct 4, 2007
Arlington, VA, USA
Hi all. I'm trying to determine whether lifeboat 11 was launched after lifeboat 13. This site (http://www.titanic-titanic.com/lifeboat_lowering_times.shtml) puts 13's lowering time at 1:30 and 11's lowering time at 1:45. However, the account of Leah Aks seems to contradict this. From what I have read, it seems that Aks's infant son was lowered in boat 11 before she could board it, and she was forced into the next available boat, which was 13.

So did 11 leave before 13, or vice-versa? I'd appreciate your insight.

Mike Poirier

Dec 31, 2004
Hi Patrick
I remember the accounts that Ruth Blanchard gave and she always said how her family went into boat 11 and since she couldn't get in, she walked over to 13. I am not aware of any contradictory accounts that she may have gave, although there might be, but that is the one I recall.

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