Which line offers the best singles cruises

Feb 14, 2011
Being a single 35 year old chap, I have the hankering to meet an available single lass on the high seas....(singles cruise)
Can anyone recommend a line that has the best singles cruises?
I've been on a couple singles cruises on a small charter boat, nothing fancy....

Im curious, and If anyone knows, be frank..
If I go on a singles cruise on a large cruise ship,
am I more apt to find singles looking for romance, or "Pon Far"?

Im inclined to seek the former, but wouldnt be too devistated if I were presented with the latter...


tarn Stephanos

Erik Wood

Apr 10, 2001
Carnival frequently has "themed" cruises some of which are of the singles variety. Having been master on a couple of those I would say it depends completely on you, whether you meet someone or not. In my opinion you are just as likely to meet a single lass on a normal cruise as on a single's cruise if you put your mind to it.

Single's cruises often bring out some....rather odd characters so if that is the path you choose, be careful.
Jun 24, 2003
I went on a Carnival Cruise(The Imagination)in Dec of 1996 and one of the young women in our group(33 years old and just divorced)met her present husband on that trip. She was looking but I don't think she was looking that seriously. They looked at each other and it was "Love at First Sight" for the both of them. Six months later he sold his business in Colorado and moved to Indiana to be closer to her. The year after that they tied the knot.

I sort of agree that finding someone on a cruise is a long shot but you never know either.

Also, Royal Caribbean has and are building huge mega ships that have added skating rinks and rock climbing walls to their ships to appeal to a younger crowd.The only ship line that I was on that had a really older crowd was the Holland line. We are talking Grandma and Grandpa types.

Best of luck in finding someone.


Erik Wood

Apr 10, 2001
Something else that popped into my mind is that most of "couples" on board found each other by way of the cruise director or some other staff on the ship. I can recall one such incident in which a young man and woman where seated together at the formal dinner with the intention of "hooking them up" apparently the crew had seen and heard the two talking and decided to see what would happen.

Holland America is a great line if you like the more quiet subdued voyage almost traditional. Some of NCL's ships are the same way.

I have never served on a RCI boat I have cruised on them, and it appears to me that they too are catering to the younger crowd.

About 8 years ago in Miami it was realized that in order for cruise lines to succeed and continue to succeed they needed to cater to the younger crowd. The one line that had already been doing this was Carnival hence there seemingly huge upswing and newbuilds, as well as the aquistion of other companies.

The cruise companies are in it for one reason, good ole money, and what ever they can do to there ships to make that money is what they will do.