Which liner do you prefer among these


Jonathan Payette


Let's imagine that the Titanic hadn't sink, that the Imperator, Vaterland and Bismark would be in service and the Britannic as well.

On wich liner would you prefer to sail ? These are : Mauretania, Lusitania, Aquitania, Olympic, Titanic, Britannic, Imperator, Vaterland and Bismark ? The reason why I chose these liners is because they entered service (or would have) during a relatively close period of time (little less than ten years if I'm right) and that they're "relatively" of the same breed of superliners.

For my part, I think I would choose any Olympic-class liner, with a preference for the Titanic. It had modifications over the Olympic and wasn't as luxurious as the Britannic would have been, keeping the rooms relatively intimate for such a large ship. The enclosed promenade decks gave her a more somptuous look than the Olympic. And though not as luxurious as the German trio, Titanic seemed more comfortable, more like a genuine english seashore manor than a castle, keeping the intimate atmosphere I prefer. Her lines were clean, the superstructures were balanced, not crushing the whole design like on other ships (even like on the Aquitania for example).

But y'know, I would have accepted a First-Class ticket on any of those liners

Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I would have taken any of the Olympics over the others if only because they were much steadier ships. The Mauritania and the Lusitania were known to be tender with the german vessels...notably the Imperator being particularly top heavy.

Matt Smith

Sep 23, 2002
Hey Guys

I think I would have to take the Titanic or Britannic because they were more luxurious then the Lusitania and Mauritania. However if I was in more of a rush I think I would have choosen the Mauritania or Lusitania.

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Sep 2, 2009

I think I would have taken the one that completed her maiden voyage arriving just days after the Titanic Disaster. And it wasn't on the above list.

I would have wanted to sail on the Four Stacker everyone seems to forget or knows little about.

The French Line's "FRANCE", I would then have to sail on one of the White Star Line's "Olympic" class to see if their Food and First Class Service was as good as that of the French Line.

Ian Bland

May 31, 2009
Very difficult to make a decision! I would have liked to have dinner on Lusitania in that fantastic dining room. Then again, I would certainly feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to be on any of the Olympic class ships. I know that it isn't necessarilly fashionable to say so, but I also have a soft spot for the Aquitania. Not sure that I could decide. There is a serious danger that the boat would leave whilst I was trying to reach a decision.....

Daniel Ehlers

Actually Matt, IMO, the Lusitania was in SOME ways fancier than the Olympics... (not all though; Olympic's staircase and suites, for example, were much nicer) Lusitania's other public rooms, however, were just amazing; I like how all of the ceilings are high, like the 2 story domed dining saloon, the 12-month's stained glass skylights in the lounge... But maybe I would choose Britannic... She had all of the features of Titanic and Olympic, but she was also so different (with the pipe organ, winter garden, domed smoking room, etc.) But I also liked the lavish styles of German liners, with their swimming pools, etc. I'm with Ian- I can't make a decision! Perhaps I'll go across the ocean several times... :-D


Difficult question... I will have choose first the FRANCE for her first class food and her sumptuous interiors, then the Imperator for her tremendous size and her wonderful swimming-pool (a true one not that pityful bathtub of the Olympic's class) and then to finish some trips on Olympic and Titanic of course!
Jun 24, 2003
Olympic and Titanic very definitely for me due to the interior decorating.The Grand Staircase has always been one of my favorite areas of the ship. Approximately 3 years ago,I was lucky enough to go through the Halifax Maritime Museum. One of the display items was a piece of carved wood from the First Class lounge. The carving and detail were both magnificent.

Another part of the ship I have always enjoyed was the Verandah Cafe and Palm Court with their wicker decorations. Even though I would have traveled second class I would definitely have been one of the passengers exploring the sections of first class.

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