Which liner memorobillia dealers usually have the best Titanic items

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Jan 7, 2002
When I used to go to THS conventions (before my expulsion) , I would immediatly be drawn to the vendor tables, where the ocean liner memorobillia dealers displayed and sold their wares. But I found their prices are often 3 times above market value. The 3 best dealers seemed to be Ken Schulz,Dick Faber and Peter Boyd Smith.Ive made some great finds through Ken Schulz, but my goodness, he's very pricey! I came accross a batch of Kens's old catalogs- how does he find half the things sold in his catalog?
Ive limited my collecting to only Titanic books- and these days i rely on old bookstores and various online websites to find rare Titanic books(mainly Ebay). But are any of these dealers still adept at finding the rarest of the rare Titanic books (and other items), or is the internet (i,e Ebay) squeezing these high priced dealers out of the picture...?


Tarn Stephanos
Oct 31, 2008
Well if you look on the web there are plenty of dealers our there on the great world wide web if you have a butchers. Some obvious sites would be www.oceanliners.com, www.luxurylinerrow.com, www.cabinclass.com, www.cobwebs.uk.com and the people you mentioned are bound to have some internet source. The internet has certainly brought a new generation of memorabilia, including a wide selection of books. Type the name of any rare book into google shopping and you are bound to get many results and competitive prices. I've just started collection, mainly the end of 2008- havn't got far yet

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