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I have been researching different published plans of Titanic's boat deck and I am not sure which are completely accurate. I was almost certain that the discovery channel Titanic explorer plans were totally accurate. Then I purchased the Titanic Modelmaker's Guide by Peter-Davies-Garner. His model appears to be totally accurate as well. However, these two sources have different plans for the boat deck. Davies-Garner has the port and starboard officer's quarters doors located on the same frame. The Discovery Channel plans show the port side door 1 frame behind the starboard side. Does anyone know which is correct?
Hello John,

As with Bruce Beveridge's plans [the discovery channel Titanic explorer plans], the H&W Limitation plans have the starboard-side doorway further forward than the one on the port-side.
Hi Lester,

Do you think that there could have been a last minute design change during construction? Davies-Garner used H&W plans as well. I noticed that the "Anatomy Of The Titanic" book has deck plans that obviously belong to Olympic and the door arrangement clearly shows the port side door further aft than that of the starboard side door. I wonder why Davies-Garner would make this change to his model plans? Or did someone make a mistake during the publishing of his book?

I doubt a change. Have you looked at the plans in TT&T.

Re Davies-Garner are you looking at the outline plan on page 94? There are no internal features and if as you say he used the H&W Limitation plans then he should not have the doors directly opposite when those plans have the starboard-side one further forward.
TT&T also shows the port door further aft. I am looking at page 94. There are no internal features but the doors are on the same frame on that plan. I guess I must assume this is some sort of error during the drawing process. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine if he built the model with the doors parallel or not without physically seeing it. It just seems strange that his attention to the most minute detail everywhere else in that book to have such a large error as a misplaced door.
I recently visited the Titanic Museum in Branson Missouri. Peter-Davies model is on display and He has the port side door further aft on his model so my question has been answered. P.S. - Seeing the model up close was awsome. He did an amazing job.
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