Which sunk with a greater loss of like Empress of Ireland or Titanic

I've heard that the Empress sunk with with a greater much loss of life, but how? Titanic took more then 1, 500 people, were the other ship was just 1, 000. Can someone help out
I don't know how accurate these figures are, but a table in Eastland: Legacy of The Titanic (George W. Hilton) gives the following figures for passengers lost:


I am not entirely confident of the Titanic figure, as I seem to recall Croall in his Empress book talking about the PERCENTAGE of passengers lost being larger on Empress.
Both the Empress of Ireland and the Eastland had more passenger fatalities, than did the Titanic.

Titanic's crew casualties was about 698, of 900, while only about 172 crew members died on the Empress of Ireland. I don't have the total crew compliment, for the Empress, handy. I'll have to check "Forgotten Empress".

Another question: for the Wilhelm Gustloff, which was torpedoed in 1945, how many crew members lost their lives, especially as recent analysis shows that some 9,600 people, passengers and crew, might have lost their lives in that wartime tradedy.
many more crew members died on the Titanic then the empress of Ireland but more passengers died on the Empress total more died on the Titanic then The Empress of Ireland