Which survivor stories are the most underrated

Jan 7, 2002
It's odd how even amongst Titanic survivors and victims, there is a social class of whose tale is the most interetsing . Seems people would fawn over a 1st class survvior, but ho-hum a third class survivor. The 1912 press was certainly guilty of that. Charasmatic people like Molly Brown,Charles Lightoller,Archaibald Gracie.Jack Thayer and Lawrence Beesley have largely stolen the spotlight. Are there any survivors stories that are seldom if ever told, whose tales are as interesting, if not moreso, then the aforemention survivors?
Im still trying to reloacte an account I read of a man who trudged through chest deep water on Scotland Road...That certainly is more gripping than Beesley...

Then again, I am guilty of that which Im griping about-those who prefer the more 'interesting'passengers and accounts to the onces not as in the limelight. But surely there must be gripping tales we seldom hear about?


Tarn Stephanos

Alan Hustak

Mar 18, 2000
Tarn, Mathilda Weisz comes to mind - she remarried, became a light opera singer in Montreal, and during World War I raised a fortune for charity - she was decorated for her efforts by the King of Belgium, yet is in a unmarked grave. I understand, though, a street has been named after her in her home town.
Feb 28, 2002
Tarn; I agree with you.But I know at least one 3rd survivor who was able to tell his story to all"classesof people". My father. I'm sure there are as many stories about 3rd that are at least if not more interesting than those about 1rst&2nd that seemtolast forever.
May 8, 2001
For me, I believe that Peter Daly has a most impressive life, and his achievements seem to have gone largely unnoticed. Not as unnoticed as many 2nd and 3rd class, I agree!
Mar 10, 1998
When thinking in material terms, another survivor that really beat the odds and realized the American Dream was Adele Nasser. Only about 14 (age is in dispute), married and pregnant, crossing a big ocean and leaving everything she knew, she lost her husband in the sinking. Within a few months her baby was born and lived only a few hours. But by the time of her death she was a respected citizen of El Paso, Texas and owned significant real estate holdings. She wasn't famous by any means, but she was a shrewd and determined woman and a savvy investor and literally went from rags to riches.

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