White Star Journal 90th Ann issue Molly Brown's Cabin

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
Finally found its way across the sea, and a superb read it is.

I've been looking forward to seeing Daniel pull together the whole story of Molly Brown's cabin ever since he first spoke about his suspicions regarding its location, and his finding and identifying of the 'missing piece'. He certainly doesn't disappoint! Good stuff.

Sen couldn't resist the alliterative cover (those who have the issue will know what I mean), and the whole magazine is rich in the usual range of stories. A few of the writers are contributers to this forum - Phil G's recurring 'Passenger Casebook' unravels still another passenger mystery (Eino Lindquist), and Markus Philipp's contribution on ship's time is a masterpiece of technical research.

Mulholland (cat and all), a topic we looked at here a few months ago, is given excellent treatment by Molony...including the 1962 photo of Mulholland with a cat. A stand-out piece is Eugene Daly's story, as told by his daughter.

It's an essential addition to anyone trying to keep abreast of current Titanic research - details of members can be obtained from Kilian Harford, 4 Fancourt Road, Balbriggan, Co Dublin [email protected]

Alternatively, I suspect if you slung an email to Smolony he'd set you up with a membership.

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