White Star Line China & Registration Dates

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Jan 4, 2005
While I have some pieces such as a fork which is documented from having come from the RMS Olympic, I have a WSL Saucer in the Wisteria Pattern which has no dates on the backside, only a registration number. I have been searching for what seems like forever to find some book or website which can tell me the date to which this piece was made, but in vain. Can anyone help me? Same goes with the original Cunard Line china from the early 1900s & 1910s.

My website also has an array of items I've collected in the past 4 years... please take a look. Regards -

Eddie Petruskevich

Ray Perks

Aug 21, 2004
Hi Eddie,
I'm afraid without a date cyper it is impossible to tell the precise year in which your Wisteria pattern saucer was made. White Star Line china was made by many potters in the area of Stoke on Trent England known here as (believe it or not!) the Potteries. The date of initial pattern registration escapes me at the moment - I'm sure someone will come up with it but as far as an undated item is concerned without provenance it is not possible to date an item to a precise year.
It's quite easy to put a false perspective on what we have in our collections. It must be remembered that this china was made literally by the boat load and was a commonplace item made by many manufacturers some of which put a date on, some didn't.
The silverware should have a date code.
Nice site!
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