White Star Line Song Book


Mariusz Boryna

Is there a complete list of tunes from White Star Line Song Book used by Titanic Orchestra during the voyage? In internet or any book? I read that this is something more than 300 songs.

James Garrett

Aug 15, 2001
Metro Detroit, Michigan
I see that this post has not been answered in three years but others may also have this question.

There was a "White Star Line Music" list of selections included in "The Titanic Collection - Mementos of The Maiden Voyage" produced "From the archives of the Titanic Historical Society". This music list included 15 Overtures, 65 Selections, 18 Suites, Fantasias, etc. and 49 Waltzes.

There appear to be a few possible mistakes in the list. "The Quaker Girl" appears twice as No. 24 and No. 103 and "Alexanders Ragtime Band" is not in the list even though it is mentioned in some accounts of the sinking.

The Titanic Historical Society website sells this reproduction (along with two later songbooks):
White Star Line Music Books [9F99] - $19.95 : Titanic Historical Society, Museum Store