White Star Restaurant

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Why can't somebody pout up something like that where I live??? <pout>

Thanks for sharing that one Shelley. What sort of cuisine do they offer?

Michael H. Standart
Michael, the menu has all the basics-I like the Chicken Majestic-thank goodness Ron refrained from corny things- especially iceberg lettuce and Titanic-sized fries.

Gavin Murphy

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.......and don't forget about the White Star Restaurant in Picadilly Circus in London at the back of the Regent Palace Hotel(?). It is a Marco Pierre White rest. and v. good....at least in 1999 when I lived in the Big Smoke.


lisagay harrod

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Oh Shelley,

That looks so fun! I'm sooo far away. The only White Star reference I could find in Wichita was a saloon girl! Thanks for sharing tho...

Lisa Harrod
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