Who do you think is the best looking Smith

Please pardon me, folks, but it's near the end of my work day and the coffee is finally kicking in.

>>However....I'm still of the opinion that Naismith is more convincing with his hat on his head! :)

Could be, but have any of us ever seen a photo of Smith without his hat on?

>>Bernard Hill did an excellent job and looked very much like the real Capt. Smith

Too thin for my taste.

>>but as far as voice, mannerisms, etc, ANTR's Captain Smith fit the bill.

Did Smith leave a voice recording? From his photos, I've always imagined Smith having "thicker" speech than either of the actors.

>>This comment is included on "The Making Of A Night To Remember" on the "extra material" on the ANTR DVD.

There's also a photo of that meeting in the book, along with others of Beesley and Edith Rosenbaum (Russell).

>>I believe it was Bernard Fox who played Colonel Archibald Gracie in the 1997 version of "Titanic"

I never realized until Cameron's film that Colonel Gracie was British - I always thought he was a Southerner.