Who here has a Thayer book

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A gem in my collection is "The Sinking Of The Titanic" by Jack Thayer, 1940.
Apparently 500 were the number printed- Thayer signed and numbered most of them (but apparently not all).
I picked up my signed copy on Ebay for $1500, which seems the going rate...Yet amazingly, i saw a Thayer sell for less thatn $700 on Ebay this year.....
Who else own a Thayer? What do you think of it?

Tarn Stephanos
I don't have one yet, but one day, I hope to have that one. There was one on Ebay a while back that had a pinhole punched all the way through it. It made me wonder who would damage such a rare book.
Thge pinhole in the Thayer was as sacriligious as the muliple copies of the Gracie books I've seen that were used as drink coasters, as the books still had the circular cup ring....

Then there was the Logan Marshall book i found that contained a dried crushed mouse as a bookmarker...

Tarn Stephanos
Whats strange is how these books have ended up in the hands of people who have never cared about the Titanic or for that matter, how to take care of a book.
I have a copy of the 7C's Press edition of Thayer and a 1929 ed. copy of Beesley by Nautilus which I inherited from my Grandmother and I assure you there are NO holes, dead pressed animals in, or coffee mug stains on them.

They hold their proud places in the broad ranging collstion of maritim literature on my bookselves.


sue brimelow

Just borrowed from the library:

Titanic- A survivor's story - Col Archibald Gracie
which includes
The Sinking of the S.S.Titanic -John B.Thayer

Obviously its not a valuable edition - but invaluable to read. I've just started reading it. (Wish I had more time to spare)

printed by Academy Chicago Publishers $14.95, if anyone wants a copy


Maxim A. Nikulin

Pardon me Sue-but I must say off topic that
Col. Gracie's account in that book is
one of the best- accurate I must say-

Alas Haven't read Thayer book.
I do. I don't actually have it in my possession yet as I just bought it on ebay this past Thursday. I hope to have it by the end of next week though and I cant wait until it gets here.
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