Who is Sir Almroth E Wright

Dec 12, 1999
Does anyone know anything about this fellow? He wasn't a passenger, but he knew Edgar Meyer. Sir Wright lived at 6 Park Crescent, London W., in 1912, and apparently had some sort of a Laboratory. A guy named Douglas and a guy named Mathew, worked there, too.

On several internet sites, Sir Almroth is repesented to be a doctor of pathology, who was a pioneer in the development of vaccines. He is referred to as "Sir Almost."

He also appears to have been very opposed to the Women's Sufferage movement.

But why was he friends with Edgar Meyer?

Have any of you heard of "Komotan"? Sir Almroh and Edgar met at Komotan. Where is that? Any help would be appreciated.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
The proper name was Komotau. The place is a small city near the German border and once was German territory. Today it's in the Czech republic and is called Chomutov.

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