Who is the chef in parisian cafe?

Any food served there would have been prepared in the restaurant kitchen, where specialist cooks (roast, fish, sauce, entree, pastry etc) worked under the supervision of Chef Pierre Rousseau.
Bob: Does any breakdown of staff for the A La Carte/Parisien operations exist? Everything I've seen is in rather broad categories, like "Waiter" or "Cook," when there would have been specialists, and gradations of service staff - there is a huge difference between a waiter, a commis, a captain and a maitre d'hotel.

Any info or links would be most gratefully received. Incidentally, how DO you keep that monocle in? :)
All of the kitchen staff can be named and their specialisms are known - eg Fish Cook and Assistant Fish Cook - too many to list them all. In the restaurant itself there were 30 waiters and assistant waiters along with a carver, wine butler, page boy and 2 (female) cashiers. Heading the operation were a Head Waiter, 2nd Waiter, Controller and Assistant Controller and Gatti himself as Maitre d'.

And there were two 'glassmen' - their job no doubt was to keep the monocles in place!