Who makes up this rubbish

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liam forber

Mar 8, 2006
iwas reading about titanic on internet and one of the stories was that titanic was evil if she was going down she was gonna take as many people as possible with her and the incedent with new york was other ship trying to stop her i was crying with laughter
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
If you're wondering who makes up this sort of thing, I would have to include some very unflattering comments about the location of their anatomy they pull it out from that are rather inappropriate for this forum. (We're trying to keep reasonably family friendly.)

All in all, it's really not quite as strange as you might think. Human beings are pattern seekers and we look for causes to explain effects. Generally, people reason...often erroneously...that extrodinary events must have extrodinary causes so enter ghosts, angry gods, and other paranormal phenomenon, stage left, who make handy whipping boys to take the blame!

What they fail to understand is that extrodinary events often have some surprisingly mundane casues and Titanic was certainly no exception to that. Quite simply, she hit an iceberg as a consequence of human error and sank.

Nothing remarkable about that.
Feb 24, 2004
>>Quite simply, she hit an iceberg as a consequence of human error and sank.

The actual accident was swift and V E R Y simple - the officers didn't sit at computers plotting the logistics of how they were going to hit the iceberg and sink. But we're relying on that sort of thing more and more to tell us what happened. And we still aren't entirely sure.

Guess ya just had to have been there.
Feb 18, 2006
Hmm, I may some answers about whatever Liam was reading; there's two books with that theme.
One is not well known, the Celtic Queen by Bryan Dyer (1974) about an Irish sailor who has a telepathic link with the spirit of the White Star liner Celtic. In one part, the older Celtic warns him the new Titanic will sink; he doesn't believe her and signs on anyway. The incident is brief, the east-bound Celtic is aware of the west-bound Titanic, but unable to stop the tragedy. It's a strange book, but I liked it.
The second one is Time and Again, by Jack Finney, (2001) a sequel to Time After Time, a time-traveling romance. The hero is trying to prevent World War One; ultimately he discovers he must stop the Titanic from sinking. There's a scene in the shipyard where he speculates that somehow the ship knows what will happen and does not care; that may be what you're thinking about. It's a fun book, once you accept the premise.
Hope this helps.
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