Answered Who saw Thomas Andrews in the First Class smoking room during the sinking?


It is often said Thomas Andrews was last seen at the fireplace in the Titanic's first class smoking room, but who saw him there?

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According to this thread in the ET message board...:

The source for Andrews' last being seen in the smoking room, staring at a painting, apparently comes from a press interview with steward Jack Stewart, who claimed that he entered the smoking room after all the lifeboats had gone and saw Andrews in there. However, this has been called into question, because another survivor, Samuel Rule, testified at the inquiry that Stewart left in Lifeboat 15, much earlier in the sinking. On the other hand, Frank Evans, in Lifeboat 14, also identified Stewart as one of the three men they rescued when they went back to search for survivors. So, the truth is unclear.
From the Libby Herald (17 Jan 1913)

This is the story of his last moments:
One met him bareheaded and carrying a lifebelt on his way to the brdge, perhaps to bid the captain goodby. Later an assistant steward saw him standing along in the smoking room., his arms folded over his breast and the belt lying on a table near him, "Aren't you going to have a try for it, Mr. Andrews?"
He never answered or moved. "Just looked like one stunned."
Others saw him a few minutes before the end on the boar deck, our final and grandest sight of him, throwing deck chairs overboard to the unfortunates struggling in the water below.