Who sent Hemming for the lamps?

Thomas C.

Sep 6, 2017
During early stage of sinking, lamp trimmer Samuel Hemming was sent to bring oil lamps, and distribute them to the lifeboats. He said the captain himself had told him to do it.

No, sir; a seaman. He said: "Follow me." So we followed him, and he said: "Stand by to lower this boat." It was No. 4 boat." We lowered the boat in line with the A deck, when I had an order come from the captain to see that the boats were properly provided with lights.
Senator SMITH.
What did you do when you got that order?
I called Mr. Lightoller and told him that I would have to leave the boat's fall; so he put another man in my place.
Senator SMITH.
What other man did he put in your place, if you know?
I do not know who it was, sir. I went away into the lamp room lighting the lamps, and I brought them up on deck.

From the other side, 4th officer Boxhall testified, that he had commissioned this task to Hemming.

15440. Was that by your orders?
- Well, it was through my speaking to the Chief Officer about it. I mentioned to him that there were no lamps. That was earlier on, when they started to clear the boats. I mentioned to him the fact that there were no lamps in any of the boats, or compasses, and he told me to get hold of the lamp trimmer.
15446. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Did you have the lamps taken up?
- Yes. The Chief Officer told me to find the lamp trimmer. I did find him after a little trouble. I really forget where I found him. He was on the boat deck working amongst the men. I told him to take a couple of men down with him and fetch the lamps, and he was afterwards seen to bring the lamps along the deck and put them in the boats.

Does anyone know anything more about it?

Did Hemming receive the same task from 2 different people, or it was 1 person but he mistaken it with someone else?