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On imdb it says that John Longden who plays Lanchester in the movie lived 1900-1971, but it also says that he plays Sir Giles in Robin Hood from 1991. Hmmm.. Something is wrong here

I found one actor who still is alive. Anthony Papafio, but it doesn't say anything about him. He was born 1929, the same year the film was produced. Btw John Stuart who plays Lawrence(Beesley?) acted in Superman from 1978.
Mikael- sometimes IMDB makes a mistake when there is more than one actor with the same name, There is a link where you can send in corrections- on the whole, it is a good resource.
Just did some checking- this seems to be the case. Our man was big in the silents and often starred with Barry Fitzgerald and Helen Hayes. Looks like he made films right up to 1957 including Sherlock Holmes in 1951 and Anna Karenina in 1948. Some of his older stuff with Hitchcock was re-released in 2000 on DVD.
Just looking over the cast- the real star of this flick was certainly Ellaline Terriss-Gilded Age darling and pin-up beauty. Making a name as a stage star , she married Seymour Hicks in 1897, he being one of the most beloved English stage performers (then later actor, screenwriter and director) of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. She retired from the stage for the most part by 1917 but went on to make a few films- 8 in Britain (including Atlantic). She lived until 1971 and passed away at age 99- what a life! Her dad was famous too- Bill Terriss- his brutal murder at the side stage door by an out of work actor made headlines in in 1897. I do believe Lady Duff Gordon dressed her too- Randy? She's a real English rose as you can see in this postcard.
Did somebody call for me? I'm glad I'm good for something. Yes I can confirm that Ellaline Terriss was dressed by Lucile (in their respective heydays). Among the plays starring Terriss which were costumed by old Lucybelle were "My Daughter in Law" (1899), "The Catch of the Season" (1904), and "The Gay Gordons" (1907).

This is Ellaline in a Lucile get-up (forgive the Texas slang)for her role in the 1904 London stage hit "The Catch of the Season."
I love logging on to ET after a while away to see Shell & Randy posting lovely Gilded Age gals. My world is so crazy these days, its comforting to see you two are still talking about the things that make me so happy to read. Keep it up you all. (Did I mention my students think I'm a Titanic-obsessed-maniac.
But ya are Kate, ya are! ...

(Our worlds are crazy too - that's why we lose ourselves in all this glorious fluff! We are glad we have an appreciative audience. Miss you, by the way)
I miss you too!! Tell Miss Shell she needs to plan a get-together. And Shelley, by the way, YOU'RE getting vintage Valentines this year!

As far as being a TOM (Titanic Obsessed Maniac), well I'm proud of it and proud to be in such good company. After 4 months of teaching I've managed to work Titanic related activities into English I & English III, Drama, Arts & Humanities: Music and Art, AND I worked a reference into a lecture on Women's Issues I taught last week. I'm going for the record

Good to see you're on-line tonite!
We Purveyors of Beauty never go away Miss Kate- we just keep making comebacks like Nora Desmond!Good to see little you-wish I were your student. Don't forget to work Lizzie Borden into Women's Issues! Can't leave this thread without mentioning the rather grisly poster for Atlantic-a skeleton riding a huge iceberg towering over Titanic-in shades of blue and yellow-Nostalgia Factory.com has it for sale. Regarding the rest of the cast- many of whom went on to make other films together, my prize goes to John Stuart (who played Lawrence in Atlantic)- he made 136 films in his 81 year lifetime. Imagine his last flick was the year before he died- playing an elder in Superman (the first one wih Chris Reeve)- at age 80- bless his old heart.
What beautiful portraits, Randy and Shelley! Such a treat. Randy I can't wait for your book to be released, I know it's going to be one of my favorites. And Shelley, I'd love to commiserate with you about Lizzie some time. Say, I found a site you might be interested in: www.teas2dine4.com, just the place for learning everything there is to know about hostessing the perfect high tea, including table arrangements and recipes, entertainment, etc. We really should think of some sort of get-together centrally located where we can dress up and have tea and polite conversation about Titanic and all our other interests. I'm looking for a website about the meaning of flowers - noticed a reference to flower-language in that silly film "Kate and Leopold," which spurred me to start up my research in that area. Any help?

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