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Glenn Reime

Feb 5, 2004
My company, Partisan Pictures, created LOST LINERS for PBS in 2000, RUSSIA: LAND OF THE TSARS for History Channel and THE MONITOR'S FINAL MISSION for BBC in 2003, among many others. We have also worked with Dr. Robert Ballard, John Maxtone-Graham (!) and Simon Mills (owner of HMHS Britannic) on various projects.
We are currently in pre-production on two separate programs for Nat Geo Channel which will center on the application of scientific principles to studying and understanding the decay of the TITANIC wreck site.
However to create a well-rounded show the producer and I are looking for potential interview candidates who are RMS TITANIC fanatics, incl. ship collectors like myself, to examine the impact of the ship's legacy on popular culture. If you have an interesting or unusual collection, or have remodeled a room in your house to re-create a cabin from the ship, or have the prow rebuilt in your backyard or something similar, we want to talk to you!
Please write me at my work eddress, SO WE CAN KEEP THIS OFF-LIST, with your name, city of residence, and what makes your story special and worthy of inclusion. We will be conducting interviews in March and/or April and will travel to meet the right individual. You can reach me at [email protected] with your letters, or if you want additional information about Partisan I can email you our filmography.
Thanks for your consideration - could be fun, eh?

Glenn Reimer
Production Manager
Partisan Pictures
New York City
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