Who was Norman Craig MP

Dec 13, 1999
A while ago, someone started a thread about listed passengers who did not sail. One such passenger was Norman Craig (prominently photographed as having sailed in a contemporary "Daily Mirror" newspaper) Craig, of course did not make the voyage, but there is a link although somewhat tenuous to Mr & Mrs Cavendish. In Tyrrell Cavendish's will, Norman Craig was appointed as guardian to the Cavendish children in the event of their deaths before the children had gained maturity.

Ben Holme

Feb 11, 2001
Hi Geoff,

Norman Craig was friends with the Cavendishes and they had intended to travel together. Your info helps confirm this. I have with me a copy of the "Daily Mirror" dated April 17, 1912. Perhaps this will shed some light on this mystery?


Mr. Norman Craig told K.C, M.P. for the Isle of Thanet, was perhaps the luckiest passenger who actually booked to travel on the titanic. At the very last moment he decided, for no definate reason, not to make the journey.

When the first lists of those who were on board were published after the disaster the name of Mr. Craig was given as one of the victims.

But the famous K.C was safe and sound, playing golf, and in entire ignorance to the anxiety he was causing his friends or of the terrible fate of the Titanic.

"I certainly booked my passage on the Titanic" Mr Craig told the Daily Mirror yesterday, "and up to the day before I fully intended sailing. My intention was just to make the trip out on her for a blow of fresh air, and to return as quickly as possible on the Mauretania.

"At the last moment I suddenly decided not to sail. I cannot tell you why; there was simply no reason for it. No; I had no mysterious premonitions, or visions of any kind. Nor did I dream of any disaster. But I do know that at practically the last moment I did not want to go.

"I was not absolutely decided about it then, for I found myself still hankering after the trip.

"Having finally decided, I cleared off into the country away form all the news. It was not until I had arrived home on Monday evening that I heard anything of what had happened.

"I certainly did congratulate myself, but at the same time it was a shock to me, for I had arranged to go with friends - a husband and wife. They sailed, and I am afraid he is among the missing.


I had an inkling that the "husband and wife" might have referred to Tyrell and Julia. Your info certainly clears that up!

Hope the above is of interest.


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