Who was the last surviving crew member

Neil McRae

Apr 16, 2001
I suppose nearly all (if not all) of the Titanic survivors who made it to the 1980s and beyond were children in 1912 (correct me if I'm wrong) which pretty much assures them all being passengers (though there was the tragic case of the forgotten bellboys).

My question is, who was the last surviving crew member and when did they pass away?

Filipe Prista Lucas Rodrigues Lopes

Neil, some passengers who reached the 1980s, and even the 1990s, were adults at the time they travelled on the Titanic. For example, Marjorie Newell Robb (died in 1992) was 23 years old, and Helen Natalia Shine Callaghan (died in 1993) was supposedly 20. Yours, Filipe.
Mar 10, 1998
Hi Colleen, Yes Prentice was next to the last crew member.

Filipe--haven't heard from you in ages! How goes it in Portugal?


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Neil, Phil, Colleen, Filipe and others!

I am not entirely sure whether you all know but overhear in Britain there's a remarkable cassette tape sold by the bookseller's W.H.Smith & Sons. The interviews done with the various survivors at the time was conducted by the former B.B.S. South Today presenter Dennis Skillicorn. I cannot find any fault with the excellent interview by the late Major Frank Prentice. The others however do include Eva Hart, Edith Haisman, Millvina Dean with a brief mentioning from the 1937 interview with Second Officer Lightoller.

If you want to make further enquiries and add this tape to your collection then I do recommend that you try their web-site on W.H.Smiths.co.uk

Titanic Memories.
Reporter: Dennis Skillicorn.
Olympic Productions 1993.

Good luck and best wishes

Andrew W.