Why A Low Angle Break by Sam Halpern

I like this article as it has some of the points I made in the pre-alpha version of mine, I’m still making my new one as of now. This popped up as I was remaking it, and I really like the extra details with the plank.

Just one note, everybody says 10-15 degrees while the chart right there shown the 17 degrees from the 96 tests. They got that result without the grounding also. Another thing is that there was not enough difference from 10 and 20 degrees's bend moment. 20's is either the same as 10 degrees or had it's bullet just a pixel down. Therefore, more fairly for the testimony, it would be 10-20 degrees again.

One of the points of my article is that, if titanic broke here, then it was sudden as in the film. Another is that if it's taking a slow amount of time, around 1-2 minutes or more for the rivets and other to do as they did, what prevents it to not rotate up to 17 degrees at the same time to begin with? Remember that Titanic did hault, and so does the tests at this angle. It wouldn't be moving any enough to notice just before the brake, or few others would not tell of it doing so. It would forget the tests altogether and be almost as what Park and Ken did with 30 degrees to warn. Why? Because the point is, is that it then is say that it wierdly stopped at 15 degrees, when the water influenced 17 degrees by the sims.

To me, if it was sought as 17-20 degrees, then everyone would agree. My 3d animated model shows something that is still angled enough to fit everyone's testimony. There is a good difference from 2 degrees.
Also, if you note, many of all who states a brake up are starting to show that Titanic broke for the lights to have gone out. Interesting isn't it? I saw 2-3 survivor accounts to show this.