Why are not Blades and Hay listed in Soeldners book

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
In the newapaper Hampshire Independent May 11 1912 there were about 70 obituaries about Titanic victims from the Southampton area. Most of them, perhaps all, were members of the crew.
However two of them are not mentioned in Hermann Soeldners book, which is very accurate. I am aware of the problems with people on the Titanic changed names and so on:
Here are the obituaries about those two:
BLADES In ever loving rememberance of my dear son Frederick Charles Blades, who was lost at sea on the Titanic 15 April of 66 Newroad, Trinity House, Southampton in his 17 year. Deeply mourned by by his sorrowing mother and stepfather . Mr. and Mrs. A. Gray.

HAY April 15 1912 at sea on s,s, Titanic Thomas Hay, the dearly beloved husband of Frances Hay aged 29of 31 Stamford Street, Chapel, Southampton.
Could it have happende that crew members were admotted on the Titanic at the last minute and the forgotten to be registered?

Brian Meister

Mar 19, 1999

The Blades gentleman had perplexed me for
some time, but I think I have a lead on him.
I think that you will notice that Thomas Fay
and Thomas Hay have the same address. There
is your answer.

Hope this helps,


Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
Thank you Brian for your help.
Here is another difficult one, not listed in Soeldners book:
Southern Daily Express 27 April 1912 (Southampton area)
TOSHACK - April 15th, at sea in the disaster of the Titanic, James Toshack, 30, the dearly beloved husband of Phebbe Toshack of 103 Malmesbury road, Southampton. Sadly missed by his sorrowing wife. Anybody heard of him before?

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Checking the original documents, Toshack is the man's proper name. He signed it quite clearly when he joined the ship. Older Aussies will recall a famous cricketer of the same name. Mustn't be too critical. When I look at the documents I'm impressed by Hermann's ability to decipher them so well.

Fay or Hay is more of a problem. His signature looks decidedly like Fay and he's referred to as Fay in other records. Maybe he just didn't write well. After all, some of the 'black gang' couldn't write at all.

Could the Blades notice be an error? Maybe the man disappeared and was assumed to have been lost with the ship. We have a similar case here in South Australia. (See Allan McRae among the unlisted crew and passengers)

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
Thank you to Brian. Dave and Lester for help.
I have got the book "Titanic Victims and Survivors. An Index to Death Notices in Southampton Local newspapers, Compiled by Veronica Green. The book is 55 pages and they sell it at the Southampton Reference Library for6,99 + postage.
Here is the entry about August Johnson, not mentioned i Hermann Soeldners book:
Johnson August (Late of SS New York) Beloved Husband of Eli<abeth Johnson, Aged 47, 8 Kingsley Rd, Millbrook Deeply Mourned by His Sorrowing Wife and Children. Southern Daily Echo 9 May 1912.

Deleted member 173198

Hello Arne,

How can I put it?

A very prominent member of this message board advise me to come forth and provide you with a brief answer to your question.

The gentleman residing at the Southampton address - 8 Kingsley Road Millbrook - is indeed August Johnson. In the year of 1912 his rank with the IMM group had reached Quartermaster.

I can also disclose another of those small problems found inside the pages of Titanic Voices. Turn to page 258 and and note the name - Charles Johnson. Full name August Charles Hubert Johnson born on the 11th June 1899. Place of birth Southampton.

However, the biggest shock came with British Census for 1901, a surprise was certainly waiting in the wings for me. If you punch in the name of Hubert, the whole family with loggers are living down Victoria Street Northam. Also observe the nationality of August Johnson Snr. A U.S. citizen born in New York sometime in the eighteen sixties.

I am in the middle of finishing off the various reports and entries from the Relief Fund. Once all negotiations with So'ton Archive Dept are completed, then I plan to see the details of concern, are fully handed over and updated on his biography page.

I hope some of the questions are answered.

Andrew W.
Jul 20, 2000
Hello Andrew,

So the man listed on Hermann's P&C List as: Alfred Johnson was aged 49; residence: Millwood in GB.
On BT 27/780B as Alfred Johnson a 49 year old Seaman with his country of citizenship given as USA;
and on this web-site with the same general information: age 49 years; last residence Millwood England; occupation: Seaman.
and for which I have the added information that he was an American Line employee.

was August [not Alfred] Johnson?


Dec 8, 2011
Blades Frederick I am now led to believe is the brother of my grandmother.

Apparently there is no Frederick Charles Blades mentioned in the Titanic (Hermann Soeldners Book).

Maybe he is in the Book listed as Frederick Allen age 17 born Bedford ,victualling crew.?? who died on the Titanic

and would be the half uncle of Frederick Charles Blades, but perhaps they are the same man?? they were both born
Bedford same year.

Allen possibly being his mothers maiden or first marriage name .

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