Why are there no Olympic models?



Has anyone know of any proper models of RMS Olympic.
I've been trying to get one but to no avail. Nearly every model I find is just a model of the Titanic with Olympic's name slapped on it (the same ones even has their Titanic and Britannic versions as related products, which are the EXACT SAME model but with a different nameplate). The only ones that I've found that actually have her A-deck promenade open, is the one produced by Titanic Honor And Glory, the (I'm assuming discontinued) model kit of her by Revell of Germany (which was my first option), and a handcrafted one I bought off of eBay that just came in yesterday.
The Titanic Honor and Glory one would be fine, if it wasn't for the fact that since it's 3D Printed and the size, it doesn't come with any rigging (including the flags, masts, etc). Of course they only show a side view of the model on their site, thus, when it came in, I found that all the propellers on her were three-bladed. I get irritated when people build models of Olympic, or ANY Olympic-class liner when they have the center propeller being three-bladed or even sometimes when all propellers are four-bladed. A ship model should be built around their USUAL design, not when they had a replacement propeller. :\
And since Titanic Honor and Glory's model has the lifeboat accomodation like Titanic's which would imply it's dated either 1911 or 1912. Olympic only ever had a three-bladed center propeller for a brief time in 1913. So, either way, that's not accurate. That model also does not even have a nameplate. I'd go to the trouble of adding masts and maybe the rigging to it, but seeing as the model itself has such little detail compared to normal models, it's really not worth the effort.

The one I bought off of eBay that came in yesterday had inaccuracies as well. It had the same propeller design (all three-bladed, which the seller told me that when they were building it they were unsure what the propeller layout was and went with all 3-bladed, which is inexcusable, as if you google "rms olympic propellers" you get a perfect image of all three on her in drydock with a 4-bladed centre and Wikipedia even says it so on Olympic's page), the Anchor atop the bow is painted white for whatever reason, they masts do not have flags and while they included the short flagpole at her stern, it too has no flag, not to mention the cargo crane on the bow is too far forward that it gets in the way of the rigging. And the silliest error was that she has no gold line on her hull, like.. at all.


From what I've seen of the Revell one, it seems to be out of stock on every site that has it. While I did find at least six sites that offer it, they do not ship outside of Europe.
It's really a shame the other models (which are very detailed and pretty damn good quality I must say, but again, it's just Titanic with Olympic's name on the hull).

I've found that there's one from something called Minicraft that's releasing a 1913 Olympic model buuuut all they show is the box art, which is just a historical photo of Olympic, though knowing my luck it's probably just a Titanic one.
I did find an almost perfect one here
RMS OLYMPIC Ocean Liner Replica Model Ship
but aside from having no flags, it has a smaller, slanted mast behind the forward mast, which I've never seen her ever have before. But that one costs over $2000, so there's no way that's ever happening.

I don't really understand why it's so difficult to find a proper model of Olympic that isn't "just Titanic". I don't see why they couldn't have the A-deck be open for those models, it's not like it's very hard.

Harland Duzen

The slanted mast is actually a crane derrick for lifting cargo from the ship's side into the Cargo holds on the Forward Well Deck.


Also, If you willing to, you could buy some metal waterline models* which are fairly accurate albeit a bit expensive.


CM Models RMS Olympic White Star transatlantic liner 1/1250 CM144

*Sorry if I've mentioned this before to you in a previous thread, I can't remember. Also note these models contain derricks on both sides of the Forward Mast when in reality, there was only one facing aft.


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I've never thought of this. Given the obvious similarities between the two ships it probably doesn't make financial sense for a company to invest in Olympic models. I wish ship model making was more a popular hobby. It really seems to have declined as one. When I was a kid I was able to get models of ships like the Great Eastern, the Cutty Shark, the SS United States but now it's Titanic models basically.
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Is the minicraft Olympic model cancelled

Possibly, as I am not able to find it on their website: