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Why are they making a Titanic II?

Discussion in 'Titanic No2' started by Katelynn Sexton, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. I don't understand on why would they do something like this what if it just goes down like the first one ? I support it but what if alot of people die on this one just like the last?
  2. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Which one do you mean?

    There's the Clive Palmer one which was going to be bigger, have casinos and generally be a rip-off of the great ship that's since been cancelled.

    Then there's the Japanese Theme Park Attraction that won't sail but instead recreate a crude ''iceberg collision'' and just look the same.
  3. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I've heard of this new movie, too. Although there is very little information on it, filming for this was said to begin early this year. They plan to work with top experts and historians to make a production as accurate as we can get it so far. Take a look at the two decades worth of progress the Titanic community has accomplished:



    Cameron's movie was mind blowing and it still is. But as time progresses, we learn and discover new things. Then again, we could say the same thing in another 10-20 years.
  4. @Kyle Naber - Woah really? I haven`t heard anything about a new movie. All I know is what Martin Tyne said. Unless they can top the production value and the wow factor of James Cameron`s movie, I personally don`t think they should bother with another movie, but that`s just me.

    As far as the Chinese (not Japanese) attraction goes - IMO that`s atrocious. I`m all for a new Titanic ship that sails and looks like the original, but not for recreating the sinking for kicks. Imagine if they made a 9/11-themed attraction where the towers get hit by planes over and over again? That`s degenerate. Same with sinking a ship that killed 1500 people, just for kicks, IMO.
  5. codad1946

    codad1946 Member

    Stop giving the Chinese ideas....
  6. @codad1946 - LOL good point. If you don`t have standards, then the possibilities are endless, really.
  7. TimTurner

    TimTurner Member

    I don't see that building a theme park attraction is any worse than a romantic movie, or a website. Different forms of the same thing.
  8. That`s your opinion but I think they`re going overboard (no pun intended).
  9. TimTurner

    TimTurner Member

    Why is watching actors pretending to be 1500 dying people offensive, but watching the same thing recorded on film not offensive?
  10. So are you saying that there shouldn`t be any limits when it comes to portraying a tragic event? The movie was made I believe in a respectful way, to evoke the feeling of sadness and peril - while an amusement park attraction would probably consist of laughing families pointing at the ice berg and having selfies taken. That to me is a world of difference, but if it`s all the same to you then whatever, to each his own. I`m not going to visit that park out of principle though, but I hope you have a blast.
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  11. Anyway, the Titanic 2 of Palmer will never be done : I have read somewhere upon the web that 1) he has financials problems. 2) he is known for mega projects that actually happen only in his dreams 3) the Chinese shipbuilder said that they don't have a contract signed nor plans for construction. So sad it is, there never will another Titanic and we'll never have the chance to meet the ghost of Murdoch on the boatdeck saying "Sorry for hard a starboad order!" while inviting us to embark upon the lifeboats! Whoooooo!
  12. There really wasn`t a single human error left undone that night, was there.
  13. First of all, I was kidding, Secondly, that was not the topic.
  14. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Guest

    Google images - Titanic water slide bouncy castle.

    Never ceases to amaze me how low mankind will go for profit or entertainment. I saw one of these in a town near Belfast (where the ship was built). People walked by it in total disgust. I returned by the same road a few hours later and found it deflated. The owner must have got the message and realized it was a bad idea. I would not be surprised if they built a Twin Towers bungee jump ride so that paying customers can pretend to be jumpers. As disturbing as that sounds there likely is a demand.

    Pretending to slide down to your death is considered fun?


    Wish the government could stop these things from ever being made. Not sure what Western values actual represent these days. Respect seems to have gone out the window.

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  15. @Aaron_2016 - I`m as unimpressed by that slide idea as you are, but I personally don`t want the government to have any more power to tell us what we can and can`t do than they have already claimed. As you saw with that guy coming to his senses and deflating the Titanic bouncy castle, public opinion matters enough to set things straight in a capitalist free market (not saying that works 100% of the time, but most of the time it does, and there will never be a perfect society as there are no perfect human beings).
  16. TimTurner

    TimTurner Member

    ahem. I would like to reiterate that the movie, for the most part, was entertainment. Hanging out on this forum and gossiping about the tragedy isn't entirely kosher either. If we banned everything that was offensive to someone somewhere then everything would be banned.
  17. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Guest

    Discussing the Titanic sinking and understanding what happened is not the same as being amused by the sinking and creating fun parks. James Cameron's film was nominated for 10 British film awards here in the UK but it won nothing. I believe the British academy realized it was poor taste to award a Hollywood style Titanic film, regardless of how popular it was and they made sure it lost in every category as an example and a deterrent for future film makers.

  18. Well, this is all highly subjective of course, but I would defend the movie as spreading awareness of what had happened with a high degree of accuracy and a high level of the gory horror that those people went through. The bouncy castle thing on the other hand can hardly be said to raise awareness or respect the memory of the fallen.

    And in regards to the movie not winning any awards, that sounds like a purely political decision, that had nothing to do with whether or not it deserved awards for any of those categories. Who else remembers any other movie from 1997, other than the Titanic? Well, Jurassic Park 2, but that won no awards in Britain neither (nor was it nominated for any). I don`t think that James Cameroon should apologize for making the movie commercially viable, by making it perhaps more cinematic than it needed to be all the time.

    A documentary-style purely educational film that was narrated by an old man wouldn`t have done nearly as well at the box office, and most people who know about the Titanic today wouldn`t ever have heard about it without the movie being as entertaining as it was. Such is the reality.
  19. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    That's very true, In fact we all heard that joke (at least I hope it's a joke) when people saw the 1997 movie and thought it was a work of fiction only to be told it actually happened! At least it informed many of the events that happened (even if parts were dramatised) and some that it actually happened.
  20. Aaron_2016

    Aaron_2016 Guest

    In 2003 British audiences voted 'Titanic' to be the worst film ever made. I believe it was simply the way in which Cameron portrayed the British. Everything was made to please an American audience with bias against the British. i.e. Make the English characters evil or dumb and make the Americans and Irish heroic. e.g. Lightoller's plan was to lower the boats half full and then fill them up from the gangway doors. The film made him look like an idiot who did not know what he was doing and had to be instructed by Thomas Andews. They gave Thomas Andrew an Irish accent when he was British with an Ulster accent. Captain Smith was very active throughout the entire evacuation, but Cameron made him do nothing and go into shock during the evacuation. Titanic was built in Ulster in a district that was Loyalist, Protestant, and proud to be British and aggressively against the Irish, and that same year there was a vote for Irish home rule which largely divided the country as it determined who were loyal Ulstermen of the King and Empire and who were Irish and loyal to the Pope. In Cameron's film he made the character Tommy say that the Titanic was an Irish ship built by strong Irish hands. To anyone outside the UK it might seem a small matter, but it's like labelling a country that is trying to recover from a civil war and giving credit for a world renowned accomplishment to the opposite side. Like saying The Empire State Building was built by the Germans and it is their achievement. I have to admit the constant Irish music throughout the film was blatant bias towards the southern Irish. Reminds me of the 1953 film when they gave the lookout man an Irish accent and had the ship's band play Oh Danny Boy. The characters in Hollywood films can be so stereotype that is makes the story unbelievable or ridiculously bias. Too much stereotype.

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