Why are they making a Titanic II?


Construction has resumed on the Titanic replica in China I think they are up to the 5th deck.


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Arun Vajpey

I was under the impression that Clive Palmer's Titanic II project is still active? BTW, the most interesting aspect of the info on Wiki is that it will have far more en suite facilities than the original.
I think the thread is: Why are they making Titanic 2?
The answer is quite straight forward as the ordinal Titanic. To make a profitable business out of it!

Oliver K

The hope is, that this one won't sink, Titanic was a fluke and an interesting one at that, everything was perfect for it to happen, just think about how many modern cruise ships sink, even though it's based on an old ship that sank doesn't mean its going to have modern safety features due to regulations and therefore a whole lot of passengers are going to be able to escape if it does sink, and even so, it's 2019 and as i just said, modern cruise ships sinking is a very rare thing indeed.


I see that this clown Mr Palmer is banging the drum in the newspapers for this absolutely awful idea again.

To make matters even worse, he's reportedly diverted millions towards it that should be going towards the severance pay his former nickel miners are owed.

If he wanted to spend his money in a more dignified way upon a maritime subject, and one with strong Australian links at that, then why not fund an expedition to find SS Waratah ?
As you know there are two Titanic 2 in progress. One as the Mr Palmer project and the other is for a Chinese theme park.
As for Palmer one I cannot see it been any near to what the Titanic was! Like steam engines, coal fired boilers, three propellers, geared steering gear, no air condition, no stabilisers just to mention only a few of the many changes below the water line.
The plan is to sail the Oceans! Then there is all the safety regulations of to day and not 1912. Fire regulations and all the wood as used in Titanic would be unacceptable in to days ships. Lifeboats regulations requirements and having to be lower to the water level. Only 20 lifeboats! No way. Just placing the lifeboats as to days regulation and not in 1912 would make the appearance of not been the Titanic.
As for the Chinese theme park Titanic 2 there is more chance to make look as to the Titanic. As that ship will not be sailing the oceans with all to days safety regulations! As the plan is to have the ship standing in a flooded dry dock. No running engines and coal fire boilers are required just models will do. I cannot see how they can build every cabin as in the past? May be only a few to show the different between the three classes. Soon as you added a hotel or restaurants and snack bars you are changing what was in the pasted. As for the theme park the appearance outside of the ship is most important to attract paying visitors into the park. When it will be finished is another story as I believe there are financial problem at present. One thing for sure it will not sink below the ocean waters!


Does anyone know when exactly the Romandisea Titanic will be opened to the public. Also, do you think that it will become a world famous landmark and tourist attraction once it is open.


What other places do you think we may see a full scale Titanic replica besides Sichuan province for the Romandisea Titanic currently being built. Also, do you think Belfast might be a good place for such a replica.