Why artifacts should be raised.

I think artifacts should be taken from the ocean floor but we great respect and care. Some of you anti-salvaging guys may be going "DISRESPECTFUL FOOL YOU SHOULD DIE THINK OF THE PEOPLE!" I am thinking about the people who died, I always do. Now, I think we should raise artifacts for educational purposes. If we put them in exhibits, for example, people will learn more about Titanic. Now, you shouldn't purchase a artifact (If that's possible) and just place it in your house and leave it. At least put a little piece of paper next to it explaining a little bit about it. Because if your just going to put in your house for no reason, there is no point. Bottom line, I think we should raise artifacts for educational purposes and to remember Titanic.

Mark Baber

This subject is already addressed in numerous threads in this topic. There is no purpose in there being another one, so this thread is now closed.