Why didn't the captain listen?

At a point Captain Smith was cautious of his ship and the passengers aboard. but slowly Mr. Ismay began to convivnce him that it would be better to get into New York the night before and make the morning papers. So...he ordered the last boiler lite. At least, or so it's said and we think that he went down with the ship. Records of him living after the crash were never found.
E. J. Smith was a very capable captain. He
thought he was steering clear of the ice field not
taking into account that there was that much to be
wary of. The flat calm sea, no moon, & the ship's
rudder size made the iceberg a bigger danger.
Phillips & Bride couldn't get all the messages to
him & the crew. He was relying on past
experiences and a mistaken belief that modern
technology would make such a disaster impossible.
He should never be blamed entirely.