Why do we all love Titanic so much

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Kimberley Dayle Edwards

Hi Everybody!
Ok, this may have been asked before, so if it has, just tell me, but I was wondering, what are the reasons for loving the Titanic so much? Is it the grandeur, social situation, technology, or is it just simple fasination?
I will start with myself. I love Titanic so much because the opulence of the era and the whole story just holds a strange fasination for me. I love the period, especially ther clothes, and find it entralling to discover new things about the styles of each cabin, the decor of the rooms etc. In fact, I get so excited about a new unseen picture, that if a book contains noe, I will buy it on the spot!
Any thoughts on this?

Karen Angstadt

Strange fascination kind of sums it up for me. I keep wondering what it must have felt like to be on that ship and discover it was going to sink. What must have went through peoples' minds? They were all told it was 'unsinkable'. To be one of the wealthiest people in the world and know that it does you no good. The people are truly what fascinate me most. I don't care about all the techinal stuff and whose fault it was etc. I buy mostly books about the people. Karen

I'm with you in that anytime I see a book with just ONE picture of the Titanic that I have never seen before or one story or bit of thinking on the Titanic that is new to me, I HAVE to purchase it! I guess it would seem real silly to an outsider! I love the clothes as well, but my man reason for being a Titanic Buff is all the circumstances behind her sinking and all the things that could have been done to avoid it. It also seems there are new theories coming up all the time about the circumstances behind her sinking and what could have been done differently which is very interesting to me! Finally, I just think ships in the first half of the 20th Century were just the most beautiful man-made creations on Earth!

I've had an interest in ships that goes back to when I was just a wee lad of about seven or eight, and Walter Lord's A Night to remember was a real attention getter. Ocean liners had been lost befor and since, but I don't think you'll find any that have been documented as thoroughly, carefully (and also carelessly) as the RMS Titanic.

The disaster itself was quite a shock at the time it happened. Technology was ascendant, people had a lot of confidence in it, and then the greatest technological wonder of the day strikes an iceberg and sinks with a tremendous loss of life for no better reason then simple human error.

In reality, it could have easily happened to any ship. The Mauritania, Lusitania, Carpathia, or perhaps at a later time to the Imperator. The Titanic was operated no differently from most any other on the North Atlantic run. But it DID happen to the Titanic, and she was the biggest as well as the grandest.

They got over it soon enough. People are funny that way. The headlines scream about the whole thing then other matters come up to grab everybody's attention. Two world wars, assorted insurrections revolts, interventions...and let's not forget the Great Depression which came down the pike.

We can perhaps thank Walter Lord for riviving interest in the subject in the way he did with his book. What it leaves us with now is a hodgepodge of myth and legend along with the hard facts that are known which have sprung up since then, and that makes the whole phenomemnon an interesting study in itself.

Michael H. Standart
The gilded age is no different than the computer age and we fast approach a similar mindset of invincibility with our internets and databases.

But even before the computer age, Titanic has fascinated me since I first saw ANTR and has held my interest all the way through to the latest film by Cameron. But the turth is that my real knowledge bank only began with this site and knowing people here and asking a lot of questions. I never knew that there was so much that I did not know about the ship until I arrived here.
In my case, Kimberly, it is the STORY of the Titanic disaster (which not just includes the Titanic herself, but also the Carpathia and the Californian) and also the PEOPLE of this story, is what grips me so much when it comes to this event in history.

Richard K.
The people, at least that's the best explanation I can give. My interest is rather more involved than the simple explantation above, but impossible to explain.
The people, at least that's the best explanation I can give. My interest is rather more involved than the simple statement above, but impossible to quantify.

Haiko Blikian

I've heard almost everyone emphasize that the people and their stories are what interests them the most. Well im here to say otherwise. I know the people are quite important and interesting when it comes to Titanic, but i have a far more interest when it comes to the ship itself: her interiors, size, power, and every other details of the ship's physical aspects. I would wish to step back in time and walk through the decks of the ship to experience the grandure and magnitude first hand!!...I wanted to know if anyone else feels the same way i do!

Haiko B.
Haiko, I sure agree with you. It would to be too good to be truth if I could walk through Titanic`s decks, but we mustn`t forget the intense human drama that her sinking was.
If you want to know why I love Titanic so much, here`s my sincere answer: I do not know...
Well, Shakespeare couldn't have written it better- it has every element of the best Greek tragedy beginning with hubris. There's a cast of thousands from every strata of society, a man-made behemoth and its monstrous nemesis of ice- as fantastic as any Kraken conceived on Mount Olympus, beautiful goddesses, love triangles, a Greek Chorus, legions of heroes to rival Jason and the Argonauts, a frantic race against time to the rescue, irony, the unknowing bystander, music, light, fire, water, ice, a heaven full of stars, pathos, comic relief, rescues of damsels in distress, scientific wonders of the wireless, villains, cowards, thieves, gamblers, innocent youth, beauty, glamour, secrets and enigmas, riches, priests and religious faith, music, fireworks, spectacle, animals,jewels, artwork,every human emotion known to man, all set on a stage flooded with starlight in the middle of the mightiest ocean, a doomed leading man in the the form of Smith, like a great Lear, a fatal coup de grace, and a finale that is STILL going on. And there will be an end to it only when there's nobody left to remember.
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