Why do we dream about something so long ago

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I was on the titanic me and some other people that I know. One of those friends was this guy that I liked in the dream. He was kind of playing leo's role, he looked like him. he was helping me get off the boat, I was seeing C,B,A on the walls. We kept getting lost. Then we were on deck. The capitan said shoot them all so they don't have too suffer. I was shot in the leg in the water. One girl I knew I saw get shot her name was brianna but I didnt know her? The water touching it hurt so bad, I was screaming in pain, i could see the wound. In the dream I opened my eyes and I was on another boat. I was in a room with about 8 other shivering people. Some of them were my friends. people working there told other people to stop staring at us. Nobody would talk about it.
I'm in a room on the titanic leo's foot was on a chair resting his head on his fist on his knee. He said look over the balcony, Brianna was sitting with a group of people crying,he said you don't want that to happen to her. Still i didn't know who she was, but i said your right. Then he said then lets get moving. I told him I didn't want be there while they were shooting like last time he said ok. Going through cold icy water seeing D,C,B,A on the walls. A lady was signing weird looking dolls, they were ugly and orange. Now I was standing near the front of the boat. The boat was sinking equaly. He grabed my hand and jumped off, the water was warm. I noticed he never said my name?

I have had a lot of dreams about being on the titanic or trying to save it and people.Everytime I try and save the Titanic it still sinks.
I found this that fits the girl (Brianna's profile.


CLOTHING - Lace trimmed red and black overdress; black underdress; green striped underskirt; black woolen shawl; black slippers.

NO MARKS - Very dark skin; refined features.

Most of things that I find out about the Titanic I didn't even know till I checked them out on this site. Isn't it weird that we dream about something that seems so real and is so exact without even knowing it?

Laura Melinda Varjo

Oh my gosh Laura, this IS scary, why do you think all these dreams happen-and to you ? Remember when you told me about the Thomas Andrews dream ? Hmm, very strange, like it's all written in your mind, or something. Well, I take psychology,I'll read more about dreams and their meanings.

This was this Syrian girl's effects, if I remember right.

Laura,you just meant to be for Titanic.

Cya, Melinda
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